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Article: What's in the super glowdess collection?

What's in the super glowdess collection?

What's in the super glowdess collection?

We can’t keep calm because the super glowdess collection is finally here! 

Okay so believe us when we say it is basically ALL THAT YOUR LIPS NEED. It’s an ultimate everyday lip kit. 

Meet our Super Glowdess collection 

The collection is carefully crafted while keeping your everyday requirements in mind. It consists of lipgloss and a 4-in-1 liquid lipstick. The Lipslick is a high-shine non-sticky lip gloss the superstack is a 4-in-1 liquid lipstick stack



Here’s why we love this collection so much

The SuperStack is handy and comes in 4 different variants. 

💖 Easy to Switch Shades: Our unique packaging lets you have five gorgeous shades of lipsticks to choose from whenever and wherever. No more clutter in your makeup bag!

💖 Super Easy to use: Just pick your colour and swipe it on! The fluffy lip applicator helps you line and fill in your lips with precision and comfort.

💖 High saturation pigment & long lasting formulation: One swipe is all it takes for this lippie to get the job done! Formulation stays put for hours so you can eat, work, party and do you while not having to worry about touch-ups as often. 



Lipslick is my favv gloss ever because of it is…

💖 Long-Lasting & Non-Sticky: Crafted to stay comfortable and cushiony on the lips while also staying put!

💖 Extra hydrating & lip-lifting: Infused with hydrating ingredients to help plump your lips for a fuller pout!

💖 An Intense gloss with a color pay off: Super shiny and glass like and packed with pigment for lips that glowwww! Packed with hyaluronic acid to trap x3 times to moisture and fill in lines for a pouty lip! 



Our LipSlick and SuperStack are dermatologically tested, Made Safe Certified & is suitable for all skin types. Also, did we mention that they are vegan and cruelty free? 

What are you waiting for? Visit our website and get your hands on our Super Glowdess collection NOW! 

Article by Gunita


Team Gush.

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