Lipstick Hacks You Need To Try !

Lipstick Hacks You Need To Try !

Should you try these TikTok lip makeup hacks?💄

As an avid fan of lip makeup, I am always looking for new ways to be creative with my makeup. When I was browsing the internet, I came across some TikTok lip makeup hacks that I wanted to try! Check these out, and let us know if you’ve tried any!💖

Custom Nude Lipstick Hack

Everyone and their mothers love a good nude lipstick!💄 But it’s a tricky business. According to this hack, you take a little bit of concealer and dab it on your lips. To that, add a darker shade of lipstick until you get a shade that is your lips but better! I’m using play paints in the shade Masterpiece from Gush Beauty. You can also use an eyeshadow instead of a lipstick, which is pretty cool!💋

Custom Blush Hack

Continuing on the track of custom colors, this hack is kinda similar to the previous one! Take a bit of concealer, add any lipstick you wish to wear as a blush, and mix them well.Here I’m using play paints in the shade The Big Picture! You get a subtle blush color that blends well on the skin and lasts longer! Yeah, we love a sunkissed look!😚🌈

Perfect Lipshade Hack

So this TikTok has gone viral everywhere. The kind lady tells us how to find our perfect lip shade in it. Take your eyebrow liner and line your lips, then take the blush shade from the stack, apply to the centers of your lips, and top it off with a gloss. Now, this has worked for a few, but not everyone. Something to try nevertheless!

Perfect Lipstick Application Hack

We love anything that makes our lives easier, especially when applying red lipstick. In this hack, you hold a q-tip in your mouth while applying lipstick, and it essentially helps you get an even application. But once you remove the q-tip, you must remember to fill the corners of your lips! The real question here is, did this really make it easier? I think not. I would instead use a lip liner and then apply lipstick because holding the q-tip in my mouth for that long was unnecessarily difficult!🫣

Lip Contour Hack

Lip contouring is a way to make your lips look luscious and plump! You use a brown lip liner or a contour to line your lips in this hack. You can also add some brown eyeshadow on top of the lip liner.I’m using the contour shade from the stack. 🤩Then you fill your lips in with any lighter lipstick.🥰 For this I’m using play paint in the shade the big picture. To make it extra juicy, a gloss may be added. This works pretty well, considering many people have been doing it for ages, like Kim K! So yeah, if you’re a fan of them contoured lips, give this a try!💖

That’s it, folks. If you find any hacks worth trying, do let us know in the comments! I shall be your guinea pig! Cheers!🥰


Team Gush

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