Minimalist Makeup kit for beginners in India

Minimalist Makeup kit for beginners in India

Makeup can seem super intimidating to beginners, with everyone mastering insane eyeliner looks and flawless bases. But the real secret to makeup is “less is more”, or at least looking it. So for all the newbies out there or the makeup vets looking for something new, minimalist makeup is for you.

So what is minimal makeup? Allow me to explain: minimal makeup is enhancing what you have and accentuates your features. In simple words, it's giving off-duty model. You know the pink cheeks, glowing skin, pouty lips all without the full coverage look going on. It can be hard to find products like that in the Indian market but bestie no fear because Gush is here ;)

The first step to achieving a minimal makeup look is clean moisturized skin, don't panic we have the perfect product: the gush Glow-Getter which is an Illuminating Moisturiser. It even has a pinkish tint which (bear with me I'm getting technical) cancels out darkness and brightens up the face (color theory is magical). 

The next step is to add blush in order to achieve flushed cheeks. It brings color to your face and, by placing your blush higher near your temples it can lift your face and give you that Bella Hadid serve (sans the actual plastic surgery). 

And of course, a touch of highlighter to subtly highlight your face and sculp out other areas with a bit of contour. Do I really need to explain, a snatched face is  must. I know, I know it seems like a lot but all you need is one product for all 3 of these steps: the Stacked In Your Favour face palette is a fuss-free product that makes looking fabulous all the easier. As a bonus, you can use the same blush shade from the palette on your lips!

Minimalist makeup embraces your natural features and enhances your natural beauty. It's so much more practical for the girlies on the go who prefer a quick light look.

xoxo-The Gush Team <3

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