Siren or Doe? Guide to TikTok’s Viral Eye Makeup Trend

Siren or Doe? Guide to TikTok’s Viral Eye Makeup Trend

TikTok loves a good makeup showdown and the siren vs doe eyes trend is no different.

One of Bella Hadid’s signature looks, siren eyes are a new, more feline take on winged eyeliner. They are sharp, alluring, seductive and create a piercing gaze. There is more to the siren eyes than just a flick of eyeliner. They feature a sharp wing, pointed inner corners, highlighted inner corners and a dark lower lash line. Don’t apply kajal all the way across the waterline. Leave a tiny gap in the centre where the pupils are most rounded. Gushing tip- experiment with different lengths, thickness and shape of the liner to see what suits you best.  A siren eye keeps the liner concentrated on both corners and thin on the lash line. This makes the eye look smaller and elongated.

Contrary to this, doe eyes create the illusion of bigger and awake eyes. It gives more of a sweet, dolly, wide-eyed and innocent look. Doe eyes create more of a rounded eye and give a natural finish. Think of Sydney Sweeney in Euphoria and Anya Taylor-Joy in The Queen’s Gambit. The trick to achieve the doe eyes is to focus on making the eyes look rounder rather than elongating them. For this, increase the thickness of the liner towards the centre of the eyes and ditch the wing to get a rounder shape. Use a white or nude kajal pencil to the tightline and waterline to give your eyes that oh so sweet, wide-eyed look. Draw your brows straighter or slanting downwards to soften the entire face.

Which style works best for you?

While choosing between siren and doe is a personal choice, there are some facts to keep in mind before you pick a side. Siren eyes add more width to the face and would flatter longer, oval faces more whereas square or round-faced people can go for the doe eyes as they add length.  

Doe eye makeup makes the eyes look wide open and add fullness that enhances small eyes. For the ones with naturally big eyes, the siren look is a nice way to draw attention to the area. Siren eyes also flatter wide-set and upturned eyes whereas the doe look looks great on close-set and downturned puppy dog eyes.

We can’t decide the winner of this makeup showdown, so now it’s up to you. Take your pick!

Article by Ananya Jain


Team Gush 

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