The Clean Girl Aesthetic

The Clean Girl Aesthetic

You’ve seen it - the clean girl aesthetic mini vlog reels on instagram. The perfect clean lifestyle we all hope to achieve. What if I told you that you are not actually that far from it? Ok hear me out. I want to list out the steps for you and see how easy it is really easy to achieve this clean girl aesthetic!✨

Step 1: Wake up *somewhat* early!💆🏻‍♀️

  • I get it. It is already hard enough to get up right now buttt you can always take a nap in the afternoon! Waking up at about 7 allows you to get time before the weather gets hot and humid and also entails more productivity. Imagine what you need to get done this afternoon…now you have the rest of the day to just chill and watch that movie or visit that cafe you've been needing to. 


Step 2: Yoga/ Workout! 🏋🏻‍♀️

  • After waking up, get that movement in early morning! It's calm, peaceful, and still nice cool weather. It gives you that peace of mind that you may be searching for. The clean girl aesthetic calls for a good routine and this is exactly what you're forming if you follow this! It does not have to be a long session of work out/ yoga either. 15-20 minutes every morning should do it!


Step 3: A cup of coffee/ smoothie☕️

  • Now, I am a major coffee girl! I neeeedd my coffee every morning! But a smoothie can be a really healthy follow up to this routine. No worries if you do not have that kind of time….coffee is still that clean girl aesthetic! 


  • Now this isn't really something that fits in chronologically, you need to remember to stay hydrated all day! Clean girl aesthetic also calls for enough water throughout the day. A by product and my motivation is the clean skin that comes with staying hydrated!

Step 5: Staying healthy🥗

  • It is evident eating healthy is important. I mean haven’t you seen the gorgeous avocado toasts and smoothie bowls YUM! But it is also so important to take care of your skin! So yes this means a skin care routine but also clean beauty makeup products! It is time you make  a switch to clean beauty if not already done so! Chemicals and toxins are being absorbed into your skin with regular makeup while clean beauty helps to keep your skin healthy even after a whole day or wear everyday since it is infused with vitamins, SPF, and all essentials you may find in your skincare routine already! 

Step 6: Get your work done! 💻

  • Whether its errands, office work, school work, or house work, get it donee! Put on some music and get right on it! 


The clean girl aesthetic is not as hard as it seems huh. We recommend you try it out for a month and see how obsessive it is! We look forward to seeing your clean girl routine especially with clean beauty! 💖


Team Gush

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