Thoughtfully Created With Gush ✨

Thoughtfully Created With Gush ✨

Keeping the consumer as its North Star, Gush Beauty  got friends, bloggers, professionals, skincare enthusiasts and everyone in between to share their experiences and what they liked, loved and hated about makeup. With common concerns like a mountain of products to lack of time to lack of convenience, Gush Beauty, powered with this feedback created easy and effortless makeup that didn’t require extra tools, tutorials or skills.

We started out trying, testing (and sometimes rejecting) beauty products from across the globe. Then asked real girls like you what they liked, loved and hated about their makeup. We were inspired to take a 180° turn on the cookie-cutter approach and build a new kind of makeup—a better beauty brand with conscious ingredients, creative formulations, effortless application and high-performing results, every time. 

Gush is a woman-owned, woman-led beauty brand. We’ve been where you’ve beenand after years of trying to nd makeup that was actually made for us- we decided to create better beauty products that we love and you will too.

Happy Gushing!!!

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