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Article: Vegan eyeliners- All you need to know!

Vegan eleliner

Vegan eyeliners- All you need to know!

Your favourite artists are going vegan! Explaining herself to fans on Tumblr, Billie Eilish has written, “Leave animals alone. Damn.”

A vegan queen we stan!

What does that mean when it comes to beauty? Vegan beauty, in simple terms, means makeup that doesn’t use animal products. 

The next time you draw wings with your favourite vegan eyeliner, you will feel better. Not only because the wing was snatched, but also because you saved hundreds of animal lives.

Eye like options - Gush Beauty

Yes, you read that right. Eyeliners can be vegan, too! 

Most eyeliners come with Benzalkonium Chloride which is a harmful irritant that could lead to retinall irritation and overtime erode the protection it offers from dust, water and bacteria! 

Gush uses only vegan + clean ingredients that are formulated with care to ensure your eyes are never in harm’s way! 

With a vegan eyeliner like Eye like Options, which is loaded with skin-loving ingredients like Moringa Oil, Castor Oil and Vitamin E, your eyes will never feel dry! The formula which is rid of undesirable animal ingredients is super gentle on sensitive eyes.

With kohl nib and felt tip to choose from, the options are unlimited!

Not only is a vegan eyeliner a treat for yourself, but it is also a blessing for a better world. No cap.



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