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Article: Here’s How You Can Save Money For Your Next Vacay!

Here’s How You Can Save Money For Your Next Vacay!

Here’s How You Can Save Money For Your Next Vacay!

Has your bank account been empty but your heart calls for a beach day with your friends? BIG RELATE. Okay, but what does it take to get back on track? In this economy?? We have a plan for you.

Pack your bags because we are going on a vacation. On a budget! If you keep saying “I’m too broke” repeatedly like a chant, this is the article for you. Let’s get that financial stress out of the way.

If you are a material girl living in a material world, saving money can be tough. But never IMPOSSIBLE. With a little bit of budgeting, you can be at your favourite beach next week. Find out how! ;)

Budget on Your Gadget

Write down what you are spending on your phone! This way you can keep track of stuff even when you’re on the go.

Yep, even that new plant you got a few days ago. We see you!  So THAT trip you have been talking about on the group chat finally happens. The calculator app is your best friend, or however the saying goes. ;)

Take (Me) Away

Yk we’d die for sushi too, but we see your bank account shaking. Shhh! We don’t tell. Cook and save money so that you go to cool restaurants at your next vacation stop. It’s worth the wait. We got this!!

Ticket First!

Hotel first, ticket later? Access denied.

Clothes first, ticket later? Access denied.

Do you book the hotel first, only to realise that the flight ticket is out of your budget? We hear you. Book the ticket first. Reverse the order and save some $$$. Material girl the smart way!

We do not love capitalism and burn out culture! You deserve that vacation and rest. You want it, you got it! I’m sure you’ll think about us the next time your bank account is screaming. ;) You can finally post those beach pictures. It’s time for hot girl summer, the easy way! <3



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