For us, it's all about the feels

Hi, We’re Gush ✨

A clean beauty brand on a mission to uncomplicate
makeup and make beauty joyful again!

The anticipation. The rush. The euphoria. The momentum.
The excitement that comes from a surprise text or staying up all night with your bestie. You know that thrill when a package arrives early and a date goes on late?

That’s the kind of joy we want to make you feel every time you Gush 🌈

You can reach us at:

✉️ :

📞 : 7226050165

Ornet Beauty Pvt. Ltd.

3-E,Suryarath Building,
Behind White House,
Panchvati, Ahmedabad-380006.

Cruelty-free | No parabens | All joy | Multi-mode | No SLS | No rules | Makeup you can sleep in | Mistake-proof | Seriously Clean | Gets stuff done | Skincare infused | Vegan |