11 expert approved tips to ace every eyeliner look

11 expert approved tips to ace every eyeliner look


Ever remember your first attempt at applying eyeliner? Was it a shaky line no where close to your actual lash line? or did the one wing fall short from the other? Or do you still just barely manage to match both sides?  Well, we’ve all been there, done that! The eyeliner is a fickle-beast that takes even the most stable-handed ones for a toss.

We have brought to you 11 expert approved hacks to achieve the perfect eyeliner look so that your winged liner never gets you late for work again! 

  1.       Cotton swabs and Micellar Water

Using cotton swabs dipped in micellar water is one of the easiest and quickest ways to clean any goof ups that you may (as the most of us…) do.

  1.       Use a pencil liner

Grab a felt tip pencil liner for precision. A felt tip is sturdier than a brush and makes it easy to apply in one-stroke. We recommend our Gush Beauty Eye Like Options felt tip liner and kohl pencil.


  1.       Powder set with eyeshadow

If you have oily lids or face the problem of a constantly smudging liner, this is the hack for you bestie! Simply pat on eyeshadow on top of your liner-no more smudging and budging!

  1.       Join the dots

Just start off by making small dots as an outline for your liner and then connect them. Make sure the dots aren’t too big and of the same size you want your eyeliner width to be.


  1.       Flick first

Start off with a flick first. Hold your liner at a 45o angle on the outer corner and draw a small flick. Now just go over the lid and connect it to the flick. There you go honey! A perfect winged liner! 

  1.       Use a credit card

Shaky hands? Try tracing the wing using a credit card. 

  1.       Start with the harder eye first

We’ve all got that one tricky side right!? Always start from the difficult side down to the easier one. You’ll be able to match the liner better on the easier side.  

  1.       Clear tape is a no-fail cat-eye guide

Grab some clear tape and stick one edge in line with your bottom lash line and the top angles towards your eyebrow and then use this to trace a wing.

  1.       Only tightline for a natural look

If you’re looking for a more natural look and don’t want that thick eyeliner line, tightlining is your go-to look. Take a kohl pencil such as our Gush Beauty Eye Like Options felt tip liner and kohl pencil and apply it on the upper lash line.

  1.   Bobby pin hack

Bobby pin is the trick for the perfect inner corner eyeliner. Take the open end of the bobby pin and pinch the upper part of your nose (the part between your eye). This will stretch the inner corners and make the skin taught for an easy and precise application.

  1.   Nude liner on the waterline

Nude liner is a not-so-appreciated member of the liner family but this is what actually makes a difference. Using a nude liner on the waterline gives the illusion of bigger eyes.

After all the tricks and hacks, there is just one small clause to close the deal. Patience and Practice- the two things we often tend to neglect. Now grab your liner darling, take a deep breath and finally take the plunge!

 Article by Ananya Jain


Team Gush

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