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Article: 7 new makeup trends to try in 2022!

7 new makeup trends to try in 2022!
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7 new makeup trends to try in 2022!

New year new makeup. 2022 has brought us a plethora of new trends to try out, but here are the top 7 that you absolutely have to try!

1. Graphic liner

Graphic eyeliner has arrived and is here to stay. The trend took over TikTok in 2020 and has imprinted on us since. The best part about it is that you can try out endless designs. But an absolute staple, that you need to nail the look is a solid black eyeliner, pens work the best because they're super easy to use. And the Gush Eye Like Options eyeliner pen is perfect because of its precise tip. If you're looking to elevate the look try it with an eyeshadow under to add some dimension or a pop of color. A great tip to pull the whole look together is to use your blush color as your base underneath the liner!


2. 2000s lips 

Throwback 2000s lips have been making a comeback lately. Personally, I'm here for this revival, it's giving major main character vibes. The signature lined lips (lip liner a shade darker than the lipstick of course!) smothered in gloss have been popping up everywhere. Gush’s Play Paint is absolutely perfect to add some spice and switch up the shade in the middle. You can even do your own twist on the 2000s lip and attempt an ombre lip with the Play Paints. This is a must for makeup newbies, it's practically impossible to mess up and just gives off 2000s pop star energy. 


 3. No-makeup makeup

2022 will be bringing us good vibes and glowing skin. Everyone has ditched the matte full-faced look and is opting to go for a no-makeup makeup look. Gush’s Glow Getter which is an ultra-hydrating illuminator you'll have Dewey skin that's practically glowing to the gods. It instantly makes you look so much more youthful and I'm here for it!


4. Blush Blush Blush

A big part of the dewey makeup trend is a lovely flush of color on the cheeks. The internet has become obsessed with blush and the way it gives you a rosy fresh look. A trick is to place it higher up on your face near your temples to snatch your face and give you that no-surgery facelift. It's an immaculate way to add color to your face and just instantly brighten you up. Blush is also such a flexible product, another trick is to apply a bit on your nose and forehead to give you that sunkissed look. Gush’s play paints give you the prettiest pop of color and the blush in the Stacked In Your Favour face palette is classic. We’re glad to say blush is back!


5. Pink concealer 

It sounds crazy but hear me out okay. As mentioned before blush is the new holy grail and it is very versatile. After Mario, Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist revealed that he mixes blush and concealer and then blends that under her eyes, the beauty girls went insane! It instantly brightens up your face and gives you those babydoll cheeks we’re obsessed with. It's an incredible hack that anyone can try with 2 makeup staples: blush and concealer!


6. Soap brows  

Thank the beauty gods that natural fluffy brows are in! People are embracing what they have and realizing that when it comes to brows less is more. By wetting soap slightly, rubbing a spoolie on it, and then running that over your brows it ensures that those babies DO NOT BUDGE! It's an incredible budget-friendly hack that keeps the brows tame.


7. Face gems

And lastly, my favorite, face gems! Ever since its rise in popularity because of Euphoria, they have become a huge trend. It started off in the Euphoria challenge where people would recreate the show's iconic looks, but the gems stuck around. They’re a fun little accent that instantly elevates your look. They made multiple appearances already in Coachella and THE met gala so it's definitely time to hop on the trend!

Shreya Karuturi

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