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Article: Ultimate Guide to Homegrown Vegan Makeup

Ultimate Guide to Homegrown Vegan Makeup

Ultimate Guide to Homegrown Vegan Makeup

I first heard of peta and animal testing when I was much younger and couldn’t understand why bunnies would want to wear lipstick. In the coming years, I would go to a popular international brand in Indian malls to buy lip balm and body butters that promised #CrueltyFree products attached with a HUGE price tag. In 2022 though, with amazing options available at our finger tips and the addition of so many homegrown brands, there is really no justification for not buying cruelty free, vegan makeup and skincare products without burning a hole in our pockets.

From personal care products like toothbrushes to clothing and makeup, with the rise of the sustainability movement worldwide, people are more aware and conscious of the products we’re consuming. If the image of sad bunnies in labs don’t convince you to make the switch, I’m sure the priority of your skins health will!

The majority of cruelty free makeup brands in India are created utilising ingredients that are sustainably sourced combined with free found botanicals like super berries that help you SERVE the look while contributing to ethical manufacturing policies.

Here’s a round up of our faves, you need to get your hands on these! Gush

Let’s start with the obvious favourite for us (no bias, we promise!).

Gush bridges the gap between skincare and makeup with vegan and cruelty free makeup that is LOADED with science backed and skin soothing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, avocado oil and pearl pigments PLUS the products look fire on literally everyone. The products are all multi- purpose so you get more than you ask with less wastage and plastic! A win-win, right?

Top Picks : Stacked In Your Favour (a multi-use palette), Play Paint (picture cloud soft, kissable lips and lipstick that stays on) and Glow Getter (an illuminating 3 in 1 skin perfecter)


This clean beauty brand combines amazing responsibly formulated ingredients like jojoba oil to create a range of makeup products.

Their website also has a tool to find your perfect shade - a game changer for makeup newbies!

Top Picks : The brand new Super Shield Mascara (prevents lash breakage, waterproof and non clumpy!) and the Timeless Matte Compact (lightweight, buildable and safe from acne causing ingredients)


Vegan, sustainable, free from animal cruelty and inspired by the purity of nature - Asa’s products are a great way to jump on the clean beauty bandwagon.

The products are available in minis so you can try them out before investing in full size AND they’re refillable. Which means, once you’re done with your mascara you just need to order a refill!

Top Picks : Luminising Powder (enriched with shea butter and jojoba oil) and the Powder Brush for easy application

Kay Beauty

India’s first celebrity launched beauty brand by Katrina Kaif, aimed to create luxurious products without the guilt of cruelty!

Each product is enriched with skin loving ingredients that care for your skin while delivering high performing finishes.

Top Picks : Metallic Eyeshadow Stick Pencil (to get the perfect glam look in seconds), Colour Corrector Stick (to target any skin concerns like pigmentation or your pesky dark circles) and they also launched Nail Lacquers that are infused with avocado oil to nourish your nails

We can’t wait to see your squeakyyyy clean, gush worthy looks! Think we missed out on some amazing vegan, cruelty free brands? Spill the tea, we’d looove to try it!


Tema Gush

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