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Article: A breakdown of my travel makeup bag

A breakdown of my travel makeup bag

A breakdown of my travel makeup bag

 7 Essentials in your travel make up bag

Going on that muchhh needed post pandemic vacation? We’re jealous! Buut, we also know your pain! That Indigo 20kg baggage allowance is not enough to fit your entire makeup collection and the insta-worthy outfits. Remember what we keep telling you? At Gush, there’s no compromise on looking your best so check out our guide to packing the ideal makeup bag!

Here’s out top 7 Essentials in your travel make up bag

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Moisturiser
  3. Foundation and Concealer
  4. Bronzer, Blush and Highlighter
  5. Lipstick
  6. Eyeliner
  7. Skin Care


Fun fact, even if you are not going to hot Dubai or Goa, you STILL need sunscreen! It is crucial to take a good sunscreen with you, and if you are onto the Korean young forever/glass skin trends you will be applying this as soon as your flight takes off too!

Our Glow Getter isn’t just a moisturiser, illuminator and primer - it also works hard to protect you from harsh UV rays and free radicals.

Need more? The Avène Intense Protect 50+ sun cream is sure to do the trick for the beach!


Said it once, we’ll say it again - you need the Glow Getter. It contains hyaluronic acid that instantly hydrates your skin, niacinamide to brighten, pearl pigments to blur pores and make you glowwww.

Um, what else could you ask for?

Foundation and Concealer 

Optional for our low-key, natural glam girls but if you are going all out do not forget these base products.

Needless to say, long lasting formulas are key so you do not need that bathroom of a nightclub touchup!

Bronzer, Blush and Highlighter

Bronzer can warm up your face and bring dimension, even when you’re hungover af or give you that chiseled jawline after being in a weekend long food coma.

Blush is the ideal product for adding a natural, vibrant and fresh-faced look to your cheeks. Who needs boys when we have this to look rosy cheeked forever?

Are you one of those girls that is willing to drown in highlighter? Because, same! Like the gurus say, high points of your face, tip of your nose - or really anywhere, you cannot leave without a touch of glam!

Have we mentioned you get all three of these products in ONE from Gush? Stacked in Your Favour is our travel bestieeee and is sure to be yours too, she is super portable, versatile and easy to use. With all cream products, you do not even need 100 brushes or disfigured beauty blenders in your bag - just use your fingers to blend them in!


Were you even considering leaving without your fav one? Since you are packing light here and not carrying the entire collection, choose a versatile nude that will go with just about any outfit and a bright colour to steal the show!

Our recommendation? Play Paint, duh. It is airy fluid lipstick that glides on in a single swipe and stays on so you’re good to go for a day out in the city or a longgg night of bar hopping! It is cloud soft and kiss-proof, we promise!

Try out the shades My Own Muse and Make A Splash (or really, all of them), thank us later!


Optional again, but extra looks great on you!

Eye Like Options is the only eyeliner you’ll ever need (vacation or through life). Felt tip on one end, and kohl pencil on the other, it is the easiest cat eye you will ever apply and two products are alwaaaays better than one! The 24 hour formula makes sure it won’t flake on you like the best friend that was meant to come on this holiday.


Okay, now that glam (and our plugs!) is done, do not forget to carry micellar water, face wash and serum to unwind after your long day of sightseeing and looking fab.

But if you’re listening and taking notes, our products are multi-purpose and skincare infused so this is optional too. We create makeup you can sleep in.



Team Gush <3

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