Have you been applying blush the wrong way?

Have you been applying blush the wrong way?

The Guide to Blush Contouring 

These days, girls like you (and me!) want that snatched, straight off a runway face with makeup that makes your jawline and cheekbones look like you’ve worked out for decades. But don’t worry, I’m not about to suggest crazy face yoga, colouring your face using the indentations of a fork or using cello tape. The secret to a sun kissed, perfectly contoured face actually just uses a product we all have in our makeup bags, blush. And, here’s the guide to using it for every face structure - don’t say we never had your back!


Face Lifting 

Lifting, or “draping” using blush is a pretty old technique, although it only had it’s TikTok limelight recently. It involves pushing blush over your natural bone structure to pull your cheeks up, giving a muted, higher look.

For this method, move your blush placement to the top of your cheekbones and dust up to your temples. Using a creamy blush is great for this technique because you can spread it in an upwards motion, lifting your cheekbones without leaving any unnatural lines!

This is the perfect technique for anyone with a rounded face, going for a model off-duty kinda look!

Face Filling 

The “baby doll” style. Makeup influencers are so divided but we love this OG style for our girls with smaller faces. Also, this look works on almost everybody

For this look, all you’ve got to do is place your blush mid centre of your face, directly on your cheek bones. Pro tip, always smile your biggest smile when you apply blush this way because it just evens it out and makes application easy and flawless!

This look makes you look more youthful and gives you a fuller, natural face - perfect for that no makeup makeup look!

Fake a Maldives Holiday

Guys, we know we all can’t jet off to the Maldives and have a fresh off the boat look. Buuut, here’s how to fake it (because fake it till you make it, right?).

Get that sun-kissed glowy look by applying cream blush on the tip and bridge of your nose, blending it onto your cheeks. This is also ideal for the girls that want a bit more colour and dimension on their faces!

Pro pro tip, alwaysssss do a second layer of blush! Blush is a product that reacts to your natural tone and is super easy to blend (especially when using a creamy product) so always go in with a second layer and top up.

Whatever your look, whatever your face structure - how is blush NOT your make up must have?

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