Beauty Hacks: Drool or Ditch

Beauty Hacks: Drool or Ditch

We’re always looking to celebs and makeup artists to give us the new trend or beauty hack that promises amazing results, often using whacky tools or specific product placements and these Instagram hacks have got our attention. In this edition of Drool or Ditch, we’re dishing out our top hacks, saving you the time of trying out something that tbh, doesn’t work. Yeah, you’re welcome, besties.

Jaw Highlighting

While most people apply highlighter along their temples and brow bones, Instagram is now all about applying it on your jaw to really catch the light, make your contour pop and get that sleek af jaw line.

Using a cream highlighter (like the one in Stacked in Your Favour) is the best to achieve this because you can just tap the product in using your fingers and blend it out seamlessly.

Our Verdict - Drool

Bella Hadid sparked a social media frenzy with this makeup hack that helps you achieve the perfected sculpted look and it is super easy too.

Foundation and Q-Tip

Want your makeup to look super low-key and natural while still covering up those perfect imperfections? This hack is for you and only needs to things that you prob already have - foundation and a q-tip/earbud.

All you have to do get a natural base is dip the earbud in a bit of foundation and dab onto any blemishes or pigmented areas that need a slight touch up.

Pro tip : use the same tool with foundation or makeup remover to fix any eyeliner mistakes too, it makes cleaning up so much easier! foundation/

Our Verdict - Drool

If you are ever in search of a way to make the no makeup-makeup look even easier, this hack to a smooth, minimal coverage base is the one for you.

Red Lipstick as Blush

Said it once, we’ll say it again, blush contouring is making a huge comeback and we’re here for it! This makeup hack involves using a super pigmented red liquid lipstick (cough Play Paint) on your cheeks in an upward motion and blending it out to create an illusion of lifted cheekbones and a sunburnt glow.

Our Verdict - Ditch

Girls, makeup hacks are meant to make life soooo much easier, but blending bright red onto our cheeks? Ugh, takes too long. We recommend using Play Paint on your lips for a flawless, non drying lipstick or on your eyelids as a muted shadow instead.

Instagram has looooads of makeup hacks that are a total hit or miss and to ensure you look runway worthy in no time. Looking for ways to make makeup fun, easy and less time consuming? Check out our multi-purpose, skin loving and beginner friendly products. 

xoxo-The Gush Team <3

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