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Article: Lazy Girls Guide to Makeup

Lazy Girls Guide to Makeup

Lazy Girls Guide to Makeup

You know the drill : It is 8 am on a Monday and you have snoozed your alarm what feels like a hundred times till the very last second, you def can’t function without your morning coffee and brekky but who has time for that? You still need to do your skincare and makeup and get ready for meetings with no time to spare. If you are like us, and are willing to skip the important things in the AM just to catch some extra zzz’s, this guide to lazy girl makeup is for you - filled with hacks to get that radiant, flawless look with little effort.

Skincare Infused Makeup

No one has time for 200 steps so skip the extra products and ₹₹₹’s by investing in skincare infused makeup. These products help you save time, space, money anddd make you look amazing while at it! They work hard so you don’t have to, bestie.

Products packed with superhero ingredients like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and oils make sure you get the benefits of skincare with moisture, hydration and repair combined with the stunning effects of makeup that give you the dewy, glam look you’re after!

And, we get you! Removing your makeup after a long day is a TASK and requires actual willpower, buuut, what if we told you our skinloooving products are ones you can fall asleep in without the guilt or fear of waking up with breakouts?

Multipurpose Products

One product with 3 different roles and benefits? Imagine having just one product that will make you go from sleepy to superstar in seconds! Sign us up!

Our multipurpose bestie at Gush is the Stacked In Your Favour, which has a cream blush, contour and highlighter in a single compact product. Plus, you can add blush to your eyelids to look alive. In two seconds you look like a person who got eight hours of sleep and you’re ready to take on the day.

Plus, the Glow Getter is a moisturiser, illuminator, primer and sun protector all rolled into one so you can get out of bed and have your skin looking and feeling instantly hydrated, radiant and brightened with just one layer.

No one will know you did your makeup in seconds, promise!

Makeup On the Go

Running late to a meeting because you took too long getting off your phone from bed? Girl, we’re guilty too. Make up for lost time with products you can put on from literally anywhere - maximum results with minimum effort to get you there on time and looking amazing too.

Eye Like Options is a great product to use for eyeliner on the go (ok, don’t get scared, it really is the easiest, mistake-proof eyeliner you will apply. The felt tip nib makes it superrrr easy to get sleek eyeliner looks even in a moving car, don’t believe us? Just watch this video! The twist-and- stack portable Stacked In Your Favour makes doing your makeup in the car on your way to work super easy and you don’t even need any tools; packed with avo oil and shea butter, you can literally just blend them in with your fingers for a flawless look.

Products that are compact, portable and can fit into the tiniest of microbags will become your besties and saves so much time. We’re all about makeup without compromise!

Smokey Eyes in A Snap

Looking for some Monday morning glam? Get the perfect soft, smokey eye in seconds. Take your Eye Like Options and smudge it along the the upper lash line using the kohl nib side, using your fingers, blend the liner into your lashes and up to your crease.

Liquid Lips

Traditional bullet lipsticks are great, no denying that. But, you first need to apply liner and really who has time for all that? When you’re on a time crunch, swap it out for a liquid lipstick like the Play Paint that will help you achieve cloud soft and kiss-proof lips in a single swipe!

So, here is our guide to lazy af makeup that is going to make you look and feel like a star without the 2 hour in advance wake up call. Makeup shouldn’t feel like a chore and with Gush, we’re bringing the joy of makeup back!

xoxo-The Gush Team <3

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