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Article: Beauty and the Budget

Beauty and the Budget

Beauty and the Budget

The general perspective on makeup is that the brands with foundations more expensive than our clothes will be the best of the best while “affordable” generally means a compromise on quality, ingredients, cakey skin but let me tell you a secret - you’re so wrong!

Girllll, consider this our gift to you - the guide you need to the most FIRE look without the burning hole in the pocket.


Something worth noting and why we’ve put ourselves at the top of this list (apart from obvious reasons) is that a lot of the time when you’re choosing budget makeup many big names are not cruelty free. LAME. At Gush, we give you affordable, flawless makeup with really no compromise and alllll our products are vegan and only tested by humans in lab coats, never on bunnies with fur coats. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Buuuut, if you need more convincing lets dive in to some of our bestsellers! Ever added a contour stick, blush and highlighter to your cart and been shell shocked at the checkout price? Sis, same! Soooo, here comes Stacked In Your Favour, our multipurpose dreammmy, creamy product where you get all three in ONE?! Did we mention it is just ₹1,550 for three and comes with a mirror for touch ups on the go?

Our next multiuse miracle product is the Glow Getter because at just ₹1,190 you get your moisturiser, illuminator, primer and sun protector all rolled into one! Brighten your skin, pop those high points, minimise pores and so much more at an amazing price point.

Nykaa and Kay Beauty

Literally every Indian woman (and our bfs) know about Nykaa and if you haven’t, where have you been, bestie?

While the platform is home to so many international and desi brands and makes makeup purchases so much easier with just one portal, they also have their own range of durable mini lipsticks, brushes and so much more at great prices.

Plussss, Katrina Kaif also exclusively launched and sells products from Kay Beauty here where you can get hydrating foundations at just ₹900 and one swipe glam eyeshadow sticks for less than ₹500. This brand is a major win for all our beginner girls who aren’t ready to invest on products that cost big bucks!

Does the OG Indian cosmetics brand even need an introduction?

The range of makeup products are suitable for Indian skin at fab prices and literally all of us have tried their ICONIC kajal sticks, right? It gives a long-lasting, super pigmented look and is now available in many colours for you to get that graphic liner without the commitment that comes with an expensive product.


Ruby’s Organics

Another brand that is doing natural makeup without exorbitant prices - we love it!

The organic makeup brand is specifically designed to suit Indian skin tones, textures and concerns without the nasties that comes with it. With the Hybrid Mascara, they leave no lash unturned by volumising, strengthening and lengthening your lashes at just ₹800!

They also have an amazing range of skin tint foundations with an online shade finder so you can find your perfect match. At ₹1,400 you can get a flawless, natural, sheer glow all while keeping your skin nourished.

So here you are, the proof is in and the verdict is clear - no more compromise on looking and feeling your best! Invest in yourself with amazing makeup products that are budget friendly.

xoxo-The Gush Team <3

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