One Product Makeup Look

One Product Makeup Look

Left home without your entire makeup kit in tow? In a hurry and can’t be bothered to do an entire full coverage look? We got youuu!

If you’re in a time or money crunch, here’s the look you need to get on to get flawless, minimal makeup using just one miracle product. Can we get a drum roll please?!

Introducing Play Paint, your new bff and the comfiest lipstick ever.

What is Play Paint?

Before we give you the rundown, let’s take a closer look at this stunning product that will help you slay in seconds.

A nourishing oil-in-water formula that’s weightless, transfer-proof and stays on all day - Play Paint is def here to stay. Infused with amazingggg, skin loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid to get that extra “I drink 4 litres of water” hydration boost and only the best vitamins to heal and repair your lips - basically, it works great and does so much more than any other basic af lipstick.

Your One Prod Look

Okay, so now you know how it is the best lipstick ever. Let’s get into the other parts of your face where you can use Play Paint!

Looking for a new liquid blush? Here’s your answer. Just swipe on PP to the apples of your cheeks or just above your cheekbones for a chiseled, sun kissed, I just met my crush kinda look. Play Paint is all about having fun so mix and match for your perfect shade, build up to full coverage for an ultra saturated look, or blend out for a soft tint - you’re the artist!

Need a cute pastel, pinky hue eye look but have no time to grab a palette, 100 brushes and get to work? Yeah, we get you. Dab this lipstick onto your lids for a flawless matte finish that will take you from “I just woke up” to “I woke up like thisss” in seconds! Our fav shade to achieve this look is The Big Picture.

And there you have it, one product, so many amazing options! You no longer need an overflowing makeup bag, a 200 step routine to getting a snatched face or any of those basic products that don’t work for your skin like we do!

xoxo-The Gush Team <3

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