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Article: Emo is Back, Baby

Emo is Back, Baby
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Emo is Back, Baby

Besties, grab that black eyeliner (re : Eye Like Options) because emo is back and here to stay!

Emo, goth whatever you want to call it - it has our attention, and in the era of Instagram beauty trends and Billie Eilish, it needs yours too. Whether you are part of this subculture of girls who love goth rock and fashion, you like grunge or you are just experimental with your fashion and beauty looks this is a vibe you need to experience using products you def have in your makeup bag, orrrr that you can find in our store!

Now, you’re ready for a breakdown on how to achieve this!


First, start by applying your base as you normally would. We recommend priming and moisturising your skin with Glow Getter before putting on foundation, it helps the product blend seamlessly and gives you that extra glow shine.

Bring the Shade

Is a emo look complete without a buffed out, super smokey smokey eye? Achieve a dark, pigmented smokey eye by using your fav eyeliner (obv, Eye Like Options) to line your upper eyelids and blending out the formula to your crease.

Flip your liner to the kohl nib and get to work on your lower lash line now, bringing all the drama by drawing an intense line.

Load up on mascara and your eyes make the perfect emo girl look!


A dark matte lipstick is the way to go to complete your look and match the vibe you are going for. Pick up the darkest liquid lipstick you’ve got and get to work, bestie!


Don’t want to be too intense? Dress your look down with a light pastel, nude lipstick or just swipe on some gloss! This helps in toning down your makeup while making your eyes pop. Want to bring the glitz and glam to goth? Top off your eyelids with metallic eyeshadows and shimmery shades for that extra femme feel, bringing more drama to your eyes!



Team Gush <3

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