We’re Not Taping Up This Contour Hack

We’re Not Taping Up This Contour Hack

When I first heard about contouring, I was intrigued but also confused and didn’t really know how to achieve the sculpted cheekbones, jawline and even collarbones (?!) that every celeb was rocking. Now, this fake your plastic surgery makeup look that started off as a trend has become such a big part of my makeup routine and I barely leave home without a touch of bronzer to lift my face and mood. It wasn’t always easy though, from finding the perfect shade that didn’t make me look too orange, placing the product in a way that it did it’s job to struggling to blend out the harsh dark lines - it takes effort to look flawless.

But then, I started using the contour in our multi palette, Stacked In Your Favour, and the shade matched perfffectly and the creamy, shea butter infused contour blends with just my fingertips, half my problems SOLVED.

Product placement was still difficult for me though and I was never sure where to apply it, until I came across yet another Instagram verified beauty hack to get the sharpest contour using cello tape (I was confused too), so as I usually do for my Gush girls, I tried it out. Let’s get into it!

So, I started by applying my primer (Glow Getter hehe), foundation and concealer as I normally would and then grabbed my roll of tape. I guessed a good length for the tape making sure it would reach from one ear to the other and cut a piece, placing it in my mouth and upward to each ear. Then, I applied my creamy contour from the middle of the tape to my hairline and used my fingers (dampened with a bit of setting spray) to blend it all out. Remove the tape, and you’ve got the sleekest contour everrrr, I just applied eyeliner and a swipe of lipstick after!

The Verdict

Honestly, it works. The contour line is sharp and pulls your face up the way it’s meant to so you can achieve that Kim K level drama without the million dollar makeup artist. Buuut, it is also probably better for a more intense event than lunch with the girls and when you really need that full glam look. Another negative is that the tape actually removes some base when you take it off so you may need to reapply it, which just makes it kind of time consuming and annoying once you’ve done a 10/10 job.

This was an Instagram contour hack I will prob keep and use for occasions and you can achieve it too, just use Stacked In Your Favour it’s like the easiest contour you will ever apply plus packed with amazing skin loving ingredients! 


Team Gush <3


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