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Article: Beauty Trends: Drool or Ditch?

Beauty Trends: Drool or Ditch?

Beauty Trends: Drool or Ditch?

Instagram is the QUEEN of beauty trends, filling our feed with inspo and our bags with more makeup that we may or may not need.

From life-changing eyeliner hacks, to glossy lids and lips we’re dishing out the best and worst makeup trends in this edition of Drool or Ditch.

Graphic Liner

This year, everyone is breaking away from traditional cat eye and sleek liners that took us um, like 100 years to learn? They are introducing the newest twists to keep eyes interesting and artistic.

Our Verdict - Drool

We loveeee using makeup for self expression and while we haven’t personally nailed an artsy graphic liner, the Eye Like Options definitely makes it a whole lot easier!


Glossy Eyelids

Straight from Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist to our feeds? Yes please! This trend has taken Instagram by storm and we’re seeing so many people rocking a gloss lid.

Our Verdict - Drool

This jelly-look has transformed basic eyeshadow looks and made dewy makeup even more dewy!


Faux Freckles

Faux freckles above your base give the illusion that you have not done any makeup and are part of the no makeup-makeup look.

They also make your face softer and while people online have been using eyeliner to create them, many brands have got on board and created products exclusively for achieving it.

Our Verdict - Split

We love love love natural freckles and envy the girls who have the perfect imperfections. Buuut, we’re not enjoying it being a trend and think this one should be with the girls who are blessed to have them au natural. We’re all for skin positivity though and if it helps to mainstream freckles - we’re down!


Sunkissed Blush

The beauty gurus have called this the W hack for achieving the perfect sunny blush by applying the product on your cheeks and nose!

Our Verdict - Drool

Honestly, anything blush related is a drool from us! We’re obsessed with all the hacks and trends. This one is perfect for a Monday morning to fake a weekend outdoors when really you’ve just been in bed watching Netflix!

We created this look using Stacked In Your Favour, the creammmmy formula of the blush makes it super buildable and lightweight so you can blend easily in the W pattern across your face.


Bleached Brows

This is set to be a dramatic look and really brings allll the drama! Bleached brows are said to open up the face and create contrast between hair and face.

Our Verdict - Ditch

Okay guys, everything Kim Kardashian does is not an instant drool - only like 90%. This did not work for her at the 2016 Met Gala and it is not working now. Own your natural brows!

Do you agree with this unwind of the hottest trends? Check out our line of products to help you achieve these looks and so many more!


Team Gush <3

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