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Article: The Makeup Trends for #HotGirlSummer Vibes

The Makeup Trends for #HotGirlSummer Vibes

The Makeup Trends for #HotGirlSummer Vibes

Mangoes in stores, IPL on our screens, and you know what that means - summer is here!

After two looooong years of lockdowns and a hiatus from life, our fav season is back and we’re so excited to sun, swim and swoon over summer outfits and makeup (obv!).

Whether you’re going for all the drama or still living the no makeup-makeup era, this summer has looks for any vibe.

Dewy Skin

Obvious, and allllll over our Instagram feeds rn but whether it is your 50 step skincare regimen, a certain illuminating, pore perfecting moisturising primer or a face doused in highlighter a glistening glow has never been more in style and you need to get on it!

Sunset Orange

Picture Goa sunsets makeup! Yes, you heard it here first - orange is set to be the colour of the season!

Whether you’re going for orange French tip nails, or accents in your eyeshadow - it is your canvas to dress up or down as you like. Dare we say, an orange lipstick comeback?


Take your most sparkly shadow or eyeliner and spread your metallic graphic wings this summer. Looking to keep it casual? Smudge the corner of your eyeliner as soon as you put it on for an easy, breezy smokey eye look!

Flushed, Lifted Blush

Cream formulas for blush are dominating summer trends and at Gush, we got here early!

Use Stacked in Your Favour to get that rosy, energised glow while keeping your cheeks hydrated, moisturised and boosted with Vitamin E.

Flufffffy Brows

Fed up of your parlour aunty nagging you about your overgrown brows? Tell her it is in season! We’re talking brushed up, face framing brows that own our natural blesssed eyebrow genes.

Nude Lipstick

We’re beginning to think nude lippies are here to stay, forever and we’re HERE for it!

Try out My Own Muse and The Big Picture from our line to get the perfect match for you, one swipe and you are all set! Plus, our lipsticks are enriched with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E & C to nourish and plump lips making them kissable all summer long!

Get onboard with alllll the latest and upcoming summer makeup trends and fill your baskets on our website besties


Team Gush <3

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