4 Ways To Use GlowGetter

4 Ways To Use GlowGetter

So, you know how we’re seriously clean right? We’re just as transparent in the candor department, fyi. We’ll tell you WHY- The last thing anyone needs right before they’re getting ready for work hurriedly after hitting multiple snooze buttons is to worry about the fit + makeup. Like you KNOW you’re going to be late to work and the anxiety of your entire routine getting messed up + your boss taking one out on you (yeah, we hope your boss ain’t THAAAAT person either for your sake sis) is enough on it’s own without the added stress of wanting to look presentable!!! Like yes, some days you’re a boss b*tch but others you’re a MESS and no matter what anyone says, keeping up appearances are hard work. 

WE GET THAT!! More than anyone else and that’s the exact reason why we’re out here trying to make your life easier while you’re out there girlbossing it! We’re condensing your ten step daily routine into a 4 step one and/or even lesser. 

And to help you navigate through your routine, enter: GlowGetter. 

Step 1: Your first step’s always gotta be to moisturise. 

Crusty skin first thing in the morning? Thing of the past thanks to GG. But the added bonus? It’s infused with amethyst and pearl pigments, and if you missed out on Astrology 101 dw about it because you won’t need to know what this crystal + precious stone combo offers aside from a killer I-just-did-an-entire-10-step-Korean-skincare-routine glow. Yep, we guarantee THAT kinda glow. In one step! 

Step 2: It’s also setting the base and priming your skin up for the rest of your routine: packing on blush because it low-key makes you look more alive and let’s face it, hides that hungover dullness from the night before 👀, drawing a winged liner so fierce it cuts away all of the day’s negativity AND throwing on a super confident shade of lipstick to top it all off. GG gets it DONE and makes everything else stay put for the rest of the day. 

Step 3: And finally, if the day’s an extra tough one and you know you’re gonna pop the full coverage foundation out - swirl in a little bit of GG to blend it out, set your foundation seamlessly and give a subtle dewy sheen to keep that face freshhhhhh all. day. long. 

Step 4: Don’t forget to Girlboss, Gatekeep & GetGushing today bestie. ;) 


Team Gush

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