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Article: Vegan Skincare that Deserves the Top Shelf

Vegan Skincare that Deserves the Top Shelf

Vegan Skincare that Deserves the Top Shelf


If you’re among the people who thought veganism was a fad diet, sorry to burst your bubble but the plant-based lifestyle is here to stay! While grocery stores have stocked up on all the vegan meals, skincare have also begun branding their bottles with cute af bunnies to show they are cruelty free and vegan.

This means, besties, that we’re putting beeswax, carmine and all the rest in the past and moving onto responsibly sourced, sustainable and natural ingredients. It’s a lot like getting over a toxic ex, hard at first, but soooo worth it once you’re onboard!

With a rise of the vegan skincare movement, separating the better from the best is harder than ever. So, we have done it for you! Keep scrolling to check out our top picks and where you can get your hands on these products (thank us later!).


Here’s one that we know you’ve seen before! Every Instagram influencer has posted about this brand and for good reason too, they’re vegan and cruelty free and have a super wide range of products.

What’s even better? They reward you with extra shopping creds for finishing their products and returning the empties - benefiting you, me and the environment!

Top Picks : Green Tea Clear Face Mask (perfect for my fellow oily skin girlsss) and Chamomile & White Tea Sheer Matte Day Cream (who says no to SPF 50+?)


Ilana Organics

These amazing products combine traditional natural care remedies for your skin with modern day sustainability measures so that you are getting maximum results with minimal effort. They promise products that are good for you and kind to the environment, eliminating alllll the nasties!

The skincare products while boasting being cruelty free are also multi purpose and super easy to use.

Top Picks : Good Skin Serum containing Niacinamide (the lifesaver for acne prone skin) and Brightening Skin Serum which is packed with vit C for that glowy goodness.


Suhi & Sego

Everyone’s skin is different so why not get a custom remedy for your concerns? A brand rooted in science and tradition, Suhi & Sego match perfect concoctions to the results of a personalised online quiz deep diving into all things skin - even considering how much time you spend in front of a device (cough cough). These products use all natural, human friendly ingredients and say goodbye to cruelty!

The skincare range also has advice on when to use, quantities and how to apply it. PLUS, your jars come with custom labels so no one can steal it anymore - cute, right?

Top Picks : Day Cream (super soft and glowy) and Cleanser (for when you just cannot wake up on a Monday)



While not completely vegan yet, almost all their products are and they’re worth it! The skincare brand is feeding our skin the superfoods it needs through face masks and body scrubs that feel as good as they look!

Think kombucha and rose, this combination of powerful ingredients doesn’t just make us drool but also provides healthy, happy and hydrated skin.

Top Picks : Date Night Prep Mask (best used after a stressful work day or before a night out!) and Coffee & Love Scrub (gentle exfoliator to get your legs dress ready!)


Need more? Check out our cherry picks for vegan, cruelty free homegrown makeup brands! 

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