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Article: Skincare-Infused Makeup? We’re here for it

Skincare-Infused Makeup? We’re here for it
all in one makeup

Skincare-Infused Makeup? We’re here for it

Who doesn’t looove a glam makeup look for a special night out? No one. But, what I really don’t love is the way my skin looks and feels the morning after (and trust me, it’s not just the hangover talking). Just one full night looking extraaa can make my skin feel dry, congested and more often than not erupting with breakouts. Is it worth it? My wallet after buying expensive dermatologist- approved remedies begs to differ.

In the past, there were only two categories - the skincare obsesssed and the makeup junkies, and with skincare infused makeup you get the Hannah Montana style best of both worlds. We’re not just talking about the minimal SPF or foundations claiming more hydration but REAL skincare powerhouses that work hard so you don’t have to!

The Trend

Instead of going through a 200 step skincare routine you memorised from watching a K-Drama followed by an intense makeup ritual - today’s beauty world has brought these beauty giants together with skincare infused makeup.

From moisturisers which act as highlighter or primer to lipsticks with the power to plump and protect your lips, these skincare infused makeup products need your attention, bestie!

These double-duty products have all the buzzzzz right now, addressing our complexion concerns by adding that extra hydration boost while covering up our perfect imperfections and highlighting best features.

Ingredients to Look Out For

Checking the ingredients label is as important on makeup as it is when you’re indulging in that midnight snack, you wouldn’t want to feed your skin a bunch of toxic chemicals, right?

This is the era of ingredient savvy consumers so bring out the magnifying glasses, girls. Let’s get to work! First things first, a key rule is to make sure there are no nasties - these include parabens, preservatives and fragrances that irritate your skin and often lead to greater problems than even skin related!

Plus points to alllll the products with niacinamide! This miracle solution helps get rid of pigmentation, uneven skin tones and minimises pores. Hyaluronic acid? In makeup? A game changer - hydrate, plump and lose the fine lines because this potion works super hard so you don’t have to.


An insurance policy for your skin after a long makeup night.

Formulas using a combination of hyaluronic acid, superfoods and pearl pigments? That’s like three steps of your normal skincare routine in one time-saving, glow-getting tube - sounds like a dream, right?

The skincare inclusions to makeup products provide an extra layer of protection, hydration and target your skin concerns while making sure you look and feel amazing, what’s not to love? It is also key for warmer months (like right now!) where you can use less products with maximum results to prevent deep clogged and oily pores.

Industry #Goals

The industry and all of us, have evolved so much over the years and we’re not afraid to go after what we want (and deserve!) anymore.

In the coming years, we’re expecting brands to be even more transparent about their ingredients, manufacturing processes and strive for greater sustainability in the beauty world while remaining super easy for us to access, analyse and compare. Sounds like a big task? No! Many homegrown beauty brands have begun tailoring their information towards us and providing products that really, truly work for our skin so we can sleep easy and that is how it should be.

With the inclusion of so many brands available in the snap of a finger, we can finally say goodbye to alllll the nasties that have bothered us and be BFF’s with the ones that love us, the environment and our skin!

Get on the band wagon. Your skin will thank you!


Team Gush <3

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