Bridgeton Season 2 and the Rise of Regencycore

Bridgeton Season 2 and the Rise of Regencycore

Bridgeton Season 2 is back with a bang. Are you binge-watching this period drama? So are we!! But the show is more than its plot + characters. It is here with a range of vintage fashion picks like corset belts, ruffles, opera gloves and puffed sleeves that we adore. A fashion aesthetic we’re obsessing over and so is the rest of the world: Regencycore! 

When Gossip Girl was popular, we saw preppy style getting popular, Bridgeton is bringing a 19th century perspective to our daily fashion choices. 

Were you watching Brigeton and suddenly looking for silk gloves and pearl headbands? This aesthetic is a form of escapism since the world’s turned into a Black mirror episode. We are quite literally traveling to a time we never lived in. Proof that fashion can be a direct reflection of socio-political conditions and TV shows!

No, regencycore isn’t something born out of Bridgeton, but it dates back to the Regency era (1811-1822), a period that was marked by high fashion, regal attire, fine arts and literature. There was emphasis on glamour and elegance. 


We have spotted Bella Hadid, Beyonce, Disha Patani, Parineeti Chopra and so many more celebrities wearing regency-inspired clothes or rather the love child of regency fashion and modern-day casual elements! 


Opera gloves for a Friday lunch? They make you feel like a disney movie character and very glamorous! Except it’s impossible to type with them on sigh :3


Today’s renditions of corsets are also showcased on runaways and it’s not rare to find a corset in just about anyone’s closet. Corset belts with denim? 


Puffy and romantic sleeves are quite popular as well which is a more cottage-core choice. The trend that’s been popular on Instagram and Tiktok takes inspiration from Regencycore! It’s a simpler take on it, ofc. 


We’re saying yes to romantic hemlines and Brigeton-inspired outfit choices! Are we going to be wearing a diamond tiara and pearl necklace to lunch? Probably ;)


But regencycore inspired looks can be glam and still have that casual gen-z flair. Whatever floats your boat! 🧤



Team Gush <3


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