What is dewy skin?

dewy skin

No guys, dewy looks are not sweat from roaming around Bandra too long, and definitely not an oily - stuck in Bangalore traffic all day kinda look either.

Bring on the glow! You know that perfectttt lit from within post workout glow (okay, even we haven’t seen the inside of a gym in two years but you know what we’re talking about), you can

achieve that fresh, radiant glow using makeup and a perfect skincare regimen - goooodbye to the only reason we ever made a gym membership.

Dewy makeup has been the talk of town, and Instagram feed off late so what exactly is it? And how do you get this glowing goddess look? Essentially, dewy looks are the perfect combo of super hydrating skincare and moisture-packed makeup and can actually be created using products you already have in your makeup bags (that is, if you’re already a GushGirl and use the most hydrating, clean products ever!).

How do I get this?

A dewy look can help your skin look super minimal, luminous and healthy and a big part of the process is PREP.

So, here’s how I do it. I first apply a good layer of hydrating moisturiser to my face and neck, followed up with sunscreen (because duh!). I then take dabs of our GlowGetter primer and apply it on my temples, cheeks and chin to make sure the light hits all my spots and gives me the best shine! You can also mix the glow getter with a few drops of tinted moisturiser, or sheer foundation for a natural, no makeup makeup finish.

Vegan Moistursier


Next, I add on a creamy blush to my cheeks, temples and on the bridge of my nose to warm up my complexion and give me that “I just matched with the cute guy on Bumble” finish. A cream blush is an absolute go-to to get this look! Add touches of Glow Getter again on your cheek bones, tip of your nose and the inner corners of your eye to get the ultimateee radiance and finally, set with a dewy, ultra glowy mist or setting spray.

  1. Extend the dewy love to your lips by exfoliating regularly and applying a neutral balm before going over them with your fav PlayPaint shade. We personally love going with a nude shade to match the effortless vibe of the rest of your look!

For our girls with oily skin

Okay so the key to dewy skin is to look naturally glowy, not greasy. And we knowwww, oily skin girls have always been told anything “glowy” will just look horrible on us, right? WRONG.

You too can ditch the grease and get that GLOW and here’s how to!

Use a pore minimiser after moisturising to spot mattify, for me, my t-zone is where I produce the most oil and so I use a minimising primer on this area to limit oil transfer and spread and also make sure my makeup lasts because who wants to leave a date midway for a touch up, right?

Glow better


I also spot conceal, I use a good matte concealer but in super small doses anywhere I have blemishes (and uh, to hide my raccoon eyes) but just a little bit because I still want that super fresh feel. Anddd, you could also use a bit of setting powder anywhere you have a lot of oil, taking off that extra t-zone shine without leaving my cheeks less flushed and au naturale!

Super easy for beginners, super low maintenance for pros - what is not to love about this makeup style? Your makeup works hard so you don’t have to. Own your inner shine!

From Disha Patani’s famous glowy looks, to Mira Rajput’s iconic natural makeup - we are here for it! Good bye cakey, matte makeup and say hello to embracing your glow!


Happy Gushing!!!

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