Clean Beauty at Gush: Your Road Map To Understanding Our Products!

Clean Beauty at Gush: Your Road Map To Understanding Our Products!

If you have not already, it is high time you make a switch to clean beauty✨. Gush is all about this! It is a clean✨, vegan🍀, and cruelty-free🐇 makeup brand that is even safe to sleep in. It can be hard to know where to start, what ingredients to look for, so I am here to introduce you to what Gush has incorporated to keep your skin healthy as you wear makeup!💗



  • The stacked in your favour is an excellent 3-in-1 palette that is skincare infused with all the best ingredients for daily wear. Not only is the palette dermatologically tested but it is enriched with avocado oil 🥑 and shea butter. To break it down, avocado oil is a natural skin healer while it provides extra nourishment with a vitamin E boost. Sounds so good right? Simultaneously, the shea butter is super moisturising while being non-greasy and completely weightless. Even the highlighter in this pallet is vitamin rich! Can you imagine having makeup like this on all day? It is like doing your makeup routine and skin care routine all at once!🥰


  • If you think that was wow wait until you hear what the Gush Glow Getter🌟 is all about! This skincare infused product not only does its job but it provides you with UV protection!☀️ So it is SPF infused giving you protection when you put it on! I'M IN LOVE❤️. It gets even better! It is enriched with ingredients like amethyst and Niacinamide. Ok ok baby steps. Amethyst heals and detoxifies while Niacinamide protects your skin and minimizes pores. Your skin will thank you after switching to clean beauty! 😚



  • Tired of your lips drying, and looking chapped when you wear lipstick? Well with Gush you no longer have to worry! 💕 Not only are the lipsticks superrr pigmented and creamy but it gives you the most comfiest wear you can ask for! It is formulated with hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, AND vitamin e. Wow…..if you aren't running to buy this right now I don't know what you’re doing. If that was not enough already, it is also made with mango butter which provides ultra moisturizing! 💋



  • You already know this is smudge proof, water-proof and all the more but how is even eyeliner healthy for your skin? It is made with key ingredients like castor oil and vitamin E that restore moisture and brighten so your eyes will never be dry or red when you wear or take off the makeup. 💗 Moreover, the Moringa oil protects and soothes so truly staying away from all the nasties. ✨


Gush beauty believes in serving all makeup needs diligently and with care therefore it takes the time to ensure safe and fun makeup for all individuals. The company makes sure to offer an exclusive range of vegan & cruelty free makeup combo kits which are set at the best prices. Gush wants to change the outlook for makeup lovers and beginners by showing that it is actually easier than it looks and it can all be done without damaging your skin. It's practically as safe as SPF.


Team Gush 


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