The Only Acne Tips You Need For Sensitive Skin!

The Only Acne Tips You Need For Sensitive Skin!

Sensitive skin can be a task to deal with but having sensitive skin with acne is an even harder task but I am here to give you some tips to make your life so much easier! It is important to take care of your sensitive skin but when it is also acne prone, you need to ensure adequate care and attention is given to the skin. 

Let me walk you through some important tips and see how much you already know about sensitive skin skincare. 

Acne Tip For Sensitive Skin #1: Understand what works with your skin! 

  • Many times reels, posts, and the internet influences what we should be using on our skin but in reality the “best product” is not also the best product for your skin. Everyone’s skin is different therefore different ingredients and different products work for individuals. Therefore, speaking to a dermatologist and knowing what soaps, scrubs, moisturizers, etc. to use. 

Acne Tip For Sensitive Skin #2: Look for effective options! 

  • Again, not everything you see will be effective for you specifically so you need to know what kind of treatment works for you. Generally it is good to have healthy ingredients in products especially when dealing with acne prone sensitive skin. For this I recommend looking into hydrocolloid acne patches. This is an excellent ingredient to look for in acne patches as its job is to absorb all toxins while simultaneously protecting the skin and pimple area from things like bacteria. There are many acne patches that do include this like the Gush Acne Patches and Elamei patches.

Acne Tip For Sensitive Skin #3: Of course, NO POPPING PIMPLES!

  • Although obvious, it is hard to avoid. It is so so critical to remember to not mess with your skin or pop your pimples. This only negatively affects your skin so why not put on a cute pimple patch instead? Touching your face too much can even cause you to break out especially for sensitive skin. So in other words, make your life easier by just using hydrocolloid pimple patches! 


Acne Tip For Sensitive Skin #4: Eating right/ Staying hydrated

  • One of the biggest things for mostly all issues and skin related things is to eat right and stay hydrated! Trust me, this goes a long long way! Drinking enough water, and trying to do things like eating out less or eating less oily foods can significantly change the conditions of your skin. 

Overall, acne prone sensitive skin can be very hard to understand. Following such tips can take you on the route to an easier life with this. Remember to stay gentle yet mindful of your skincare choices. It is better to start now than later! 


Gush Team

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