Different types of acne and how to treat them

Different types of acne and how to treat them

We live now live in an age where acne positivity is a much better look than skin shaming! Thank god for the much needed evolution! As if having acne isn’t an inconvenience enough with the burning and hurting, being covered in lotions and meds is a whole new hassle! But we’ve got you covered! No more ugly pink lotion stains on your face because our patches are here to save the day. They’re cute, gen-z and giving! 

Let’s walk you through the different forms of acne and how to treat them!

1) Blackheads/whiteheads:

These are the most common and are seen throughout the body, not only the face. The most common places would be the T zone and the chin area! These blackheads develop overtime, they’re an excess of oil and dirt that develop over your skin. The natural way to heal them would be to steam your face and use natural sugar scrubs! Our favourite way to deal with them are to use blackhead strips! They’re easy and convenient to use without making a mess!

2) Cysts:

Ahhh these are soooo painful. They migrate under the skin and are the kind that don’t budge for dayssss. Our best way to treat them is to use products infused with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. These ingredients seep into the layers of the skin and fix the problem.


3) Pustuls:

These are the most common form of acne and develop because of variety of reason, Majorly because of dietary or sleep abnormalities! These burn and the most tempting to pop! But we’re here to help. Our gushtastic pimple patches and simple and easy to use, just pop them on and you’re good to go whether it’s day time or night time. These patches act as a cute accessory without drawing that attention of wearing normal patches! They’re infused with hydrocolloid which keeps irritation away and heals the acne in no time! 

These patches are the best for treating your acne and a hassle free skincare product that you NEED in your routine! A product that doubles as an accessory?! I say keep them comingggg. We can’t wait for you to try our patches and gush about them!


Kavya Hirpara 

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