Foods acne loves, foods acne hates!

Foods acne loves, foods acne hates!

Just as much as everything has do’s and dont’s, so does acne! Yes, from dietary restrictions to the kind of pillow you sleep on, everything matters! But we’re here to make your life easier. Some superfoods make your skin glowy and radiant while others give you the worst painful breakouts. Confused about what to eat and what not ?Here’s a breakdown of everything we know about dietary restrictions and compliments to acne!

   Food Acne Loves!

Leafy Greens, Antioxidant rich foods and omega 3 fats are your besties! If we could put it any better, 2 gallons a day keeps the doctor away! Hydration is the key to all skin problems. The hydration created from drinking enough water can prevent dry skin. Dry skin is often a breeding ground for excess oil production causing clogged pores and therefore acne! So girlies grab your hydroflask everyday you go and drink up!

Leafy greens such as spinach, celery, cucumber , kale ,lettuce are alkaline rich foods! It regulates the body’s pH and keeps acne at bay. Acne Diet for the win! Here’s when all those green juices come in! They’re high in Vitamin A and E which internally repair your skin to give you that radiance and glow.


Antioxidant berries and dark chocolates are the hidden heroes of the whole charade. Dark chocolate carries properties of zinc, a powerful acne fighting ingredient. Whereas berries are infused with antioxidants that prevent you from dullness and acne scars and fix your skin from inside out!

   Food Acne Hates

Processed Foods, sugar and Dairy are often the villains! Dairy, even though a big part of the Indian diet, doesn’t suit 85% of Indians. Lactose is just a sugar just as glucose and fructose. It also contains elements of hormone testosterone that has been said to cause a flareup of acne!

Any kind of food put through several processes qualifies to be a processed food. It’s high in fats, sugar, salt and preservatives, a few of the things your skin hates! It also increases blood sugar and insulin which is a prequence to acne!

Sugar as a whole if eaten in moderation is great but if overdone can be poisonous. A spike in blood sugar causes inflammation through the body leading to acne.


Kavya Hirpara

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