Euphoria Makeup Looks for When you go Back to College this Season!

Euphoria Makeup Looks for When you go Back to College this Season!

Yeah, we are not over Season 2 of Euphoria and we don’t need to be. Bring Euphoria makeup looks to college and score A+ in the makeup department. 

Need some makeup inspiration for this college season? Rhinestone Mondays and Glitter Tear Tuesdays are about to get real.  Let’s get fun & flirty!


  1.       Yellow with a Punch

We’re totally obsessed with Alexa Demie. She’s the main character just like you’re about to be. And we love a fresh spring moment. Yep, Maddy’s iconic I-punched-Cassie look can be achieved in your bathroom mirror ;)  It’s the season of colour for us!

  1.       60s Maude

Feel the 60s swinging your way rn? Here’s something with a 2022 twist. Do your eyeliner like Maude Apatow aka Lexi. It’s so flirty & Twiggy-inspired. Hail the queen!


  1.       The Show is Ne-on 

Kat’s blue and neon green eyeshadow is making us feel some type of way! But why play with fun colours only on New Year’s? It’s perfect for your first day of college to up your makeup game. We think it’s badass, just like you! ;)

  1.       In Wings We Trust

May your wings be as sharp as Maddy’s this season! Amen

Fierce. Sultry. Iconic. Who doesn’t love Maddy’s 90s lip moment? This glam screams block-your-ex and get ready for world domination.


  1.       Okay, Picasso, I like It!

Jules’ marble eyeshadow look is all that! We stan abstract makeup looks. The unique artist within you has been dying for this moment. Bring them out to play!


  1.       Rhinestone Eyes

Cassie’s rhinestone look is feminine and flushed. Skip the traditional wing and build your own with teeny tiny rhinestones. Let your natural skin shine. Promise you don’t have to wake up at 4 in the morning for this one!

Thanks to Euphoria, your makeup game can be the talk of the class this season. We love the message of self-expression, go Donni Davy give us everything! Your makeup is going to look fire. Don’t forget to carry a box of rhinestones to college. Stay hydrated!  <3


Team Gush <3

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