Guide To: The Best Makeup Kit in India

Guide To: The Best Makeup Kit in India

If you’re looking for the makeup kit with the least number of products and endless makeup possibilities, you’ve come to the right place, fam!

Gush's Joy Set, hands down, has to be the best make-up kit in India. India with all your favourite gushables in one place.

Here’s all that’s a part of the best makeup kit in India:

Play Paint: 5 airy, fluid lipsticks that are highly pigmented and enriched with skin-loving ingredients like Mango Butter and Hyaluronic acid, Play Paint offers a cushion-soft formula that keeps your lips plump all day!

Stacked in Your Favour: It’s a multi-purpose face palette, all stacked in 1 travel-friendly kit! This twist-and-stack palette comes with a blush, highlighter and contour for you to blend and build multiple looks!

Eye Like Options: The easiest eyeliner you’ll ever apply!

A felt tip on one end, and kohl pencil on the other - this is the only eyeliner you’ll ever need. 

The creamy kohl glides on and the flexible micro-precision tip delivers ultra-fine ink that’s matte, long-lasting, waterproof and doesn’t smudge through sweat, tears and life in general!

Glow Getter: Your moisturizer, illuminator, primer and sun protector all rolled into one!

Meet the ultimate skincare/makeup hybrid!

The Glow Getter is an ultra hydrating illuminator that brightens your skin, blurs pores and perfects your complexion without covering it up.

So get your hands on our products right now!!

Happy Gushing!

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