Get Your Five A Day With Makeup

 Get Your Five A Day With Makeup

Remember a time when mom would chase you to have that extra fruit or juice in the morning? There’s reason for that. Vitamin C is a game changer, and she will def be saying “told you so” once you’re done reading this and ordering any and every product containing it.

Uneven skin tone, fine lines, acne scars, dullness - no matter the skin concern there’s a good chance Vit C is the best treatment for it. It really is the holy grail for all things skin related.

And, it’s not only limited to fruit and veggies, skincare brands worldwide use this miracle ingredient in their products to give you that extra antioxidant surge and now, we’ve infused it into some of our bestselling makeup products too!

How Does It Work

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is a water soluble nutrient and is proven to have a wide range of applications thanks to its antioxidant, anti-aging (and so many more!) properties.

For skincare junkies the vitamin is used to diminish wrinkles, even out skin tone, reduce dark or acne related spots, brighten complexion and provides a great base for protecting against harm UV rays too. Basically, it is something you need to get on!

Hyperpigmentation, or the annoying acne scars and sun spots that won’t budge - you know what we’re talking about, well, Vitamin C’s amazing antioxidant properties inhibit the production of this and help in combating all unwanted spots, even before they appear!

Plus, the ingredient is proven to help your skin retain moisture, keeping it plump and smooth and preventing the dry and dullness that comes with it. Instead, it helps to improve skin elasticity which means less wrinkles. We’re sold.

How to Use It

There are two ways of using it; one being drinking OJ all day errryday or applying it topically through skincare and cleannnn makeup. While there are so many debated on what time of the day is best for application, with some believing it works wonder in the day to protect your skin while others use it at night to repair - consistency is key and this is an ingredient that can be applied everyday after cleansing. It’s such an easy, no-fuss inclusion into your daily routine and your skin will thank you for it!

The Gush Product That Works Hard

You know by now that at Gush, all our makeup products go the extra mile so you don’t have to - we’re skincare infused and performance obsessed. Let’s take a look at the product that give you that extra Vit C dose!

Play Paint, our ultra pigmented, nourishing oil-in-water formula lipstick that glides on and stays on is infused with this powerhouse skin loving ingredient. The vitamins in our lipstick work as natural antioxidants and work to nourish, plump and repair lips with a single swipe.

Nuff said. It really is a miracle worker and does so much good for our skin in a few drops. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself with Play Paint and tell us your thoughts!

Gush Team

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