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Article: One Swipe is All It Takes

One Swipe is All It Takes
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One Swipe is All It Takes

The Guide to Finding Your Perfect Lipstick Match

Besties, imagine this, you are in the lipstick aisle of your favourite cosmetics store or scrolling through our website and despite the hundreds of options, you are still stuck wondering which lipstick would be perfect on you. In the booming makeup industry, there are sooo many different textures, finishes, undertones, shades, ingredients that can make your shopping trip seem more like an entrance exam than fun. We’ve been there, but we were not lying when we told you we were bringing the joy back to doing your makeup!

With this quick and easy handbook, choosing your perfect shade is as easy as swiping right and is bound to make your shopping experience foolproof and fun.

First things first, let’s identify your skin’s undertone. Ugh, don’t be scared this is easyyyy and will help you for future foundation/concealer matches too! People generally fall into three brackets for this - cool, warm or neutral. The easiest way to do this is by putting on your phones flash and checking the colour of the veins on your wrist.

Cool Tones

You can tell your undertone is cool if your veins look blueish purple and if you look fab in silver jewellery, or if you burn on your summer vacay (or just in this heat?!) before getting a tan.

The best lipsticks for cool undertones match the colours of your vein, and this does not mean purple or blue lipstick - although we’re sure you would look amazing in that too! We’re talking about moving to deep blue ish shades of red that bring out your natural skin tone while complementing it.

Our Play Paint recommendation : Paint the Town and Masterpiece

These shades are made for the girls that want to stand out while looking effortless, and the perfect match for anyone with cooler undertones. Plus, they are enriched with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E & C to nourish and plump lips.

Warm Tones

You are warm toned if you have golden hue to your skin and gold jewellery looks stunning on you! The veins on your wrist will be green-olive and you will be able to get that bronzey, tan glow in the sun.

The best lipstick shades for warm undertones have warmer, orangey shades. If you’re going for a red, we would recommend a brick, orange tone. If you’re choosing a nude shade, the key here is

to match it to your skin tone, if your skin is light go for a paler shade, if you have deeper skin, go for a darker, richer nude.

Our Play Paint recommendation : Make a Splash and My Own Muse

Flawless shades of nude for warmer undertones, wear this colour up for a night out or mute it for a low key dinner date. The ultra-pigmented, non-drying formula makes it the perfect lipstick!

Neutral Tones

Reached till here and still confused? Chances are you have neutral undertones which are a mix of cool and warm or pinks and yellows in the base of your skin. Plus, you look fire in any type of jewellery (lucky!) and have a combination of blueish-green colours on your veins.

Another plus for our girls who fit this undertone is that you can choose from sooo many complementary shades and have so much more on offer!

Our Play Paint recommendation : Troy and Big Picture

These mauvish pink nude shades are faultless and will look stunning on you, build up to full coverage and blend out for a soft tint - your lips, your canvas so have fun with it! The nourishing oil-in-water formula makes Play Paint weightless and helps it stay on all day.

Finally, choose a lip colour that brings out your inner artist and the one you feel most confident in. You don’t always have to follow the rules, have fun with it! If you’re still confused or want a face-to-face match and personalised recommendations, reach out to us for a free sesh and we would be happy to help!


Gush Team

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