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Article: Makeup with skincare benefits

make up skin care benefits

Makeup with skincare benefits

Acne from makeup? Big yikes if you’re nodding your head yes!

The morning glow filter that you’re using for your Snapchat selfies doesn’t need to be a filter anymore!

Makeup has evolved, bestie. It has gone through a literal GLOW UP. 

Why should you go for just makeup when you can use makeup with skincare benefits?

Whether it’s a chilly date night or a sweaty rickshaw ride through the city, you don’t have to worry over using multiple products to protect your skin.

A brand like Gush believes in uncomplicating makeup. Makes life easier. No cap.

Want that rosy blush on your cheeks? Go for our Stacked In Your Favour palettes. Infused with avocado oil and shea butter, this product lowkey is a skin healing genie. 

Buy Now: 

Surprised? Sis, there's more. 

Say no to chapped lips with Play Paint. Absolutely 0 smudges and insanely moisturizing. Our Secret? It's the hyaluronic acid, mango butter and vitamins!  

The list goes on. With transparent and transforming ingredients, Gush’s product range are completely gush-worthy!!

Top 10 Benefits of Make-Up with skincare: 

✨You can sleep in your makeup! Only sometimes though ;) 

✨Your skin absorbs all the benefits of our cherry-picked ingredients throughout the day! 

✨Improvement with skin texture and quality overtime because of prolonged usage of nourishing ingredients like Mango Butter and Vitamin E oil! 

✨Targets and solves skin concerns- like dryness etc thanks to Hyaluronic Acid! 

✨It’s guilt free, you never have to worry about doing much harm to your skin because our products are an investment for your skin now AND later! 

What are you waiting for? Spread the word. Makeup has never felt better.  

Happy Gushing!!!

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