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Article: What’s Toxic Positivity? Is Too Much Positivity a Bad Thing Too??

What’s Toxic Positivity? Is Too Much Positivity a Bad Thing Too??

What’s Toxic Positivity? Is Too Much Positivity a Bad Thing Too??

Toxic positivity? It sounds like a paradox. How can good feelings ever be bad? Sure, looking on the bright side sounds like a good idea, but too much brightness can be blinding.

Do you have #positivevibes saved on Instagram? We are surrounded by motivational banter and everyone screaming NEVER GIVE UP in our faces. All. The. Time.

If your world’s bright yellow all the time, you are bound to get sick of it. Now positivity isn’t bad

itself, but there’s a time and place for it. But we see it pouring all over, in places where it doesn’t

need to be. Looking at everything from an optimistic lens can be v exhausting. Play Toxic by Britney Spears.

Social media is full of toxic positivity. Toxic positivity quotes are flooding every corner of explore

page; we only see people post their best moments, angles and times. These small chunks are not the whole story. Let’s create realistic storylines for real lives.

Toxic positivity can feel like a punch in your face, like a good drink ruined with too much sugar. Too much is too much to take.

If you carry guilt on your shoulders when you face negative emotions, don’t shut out that little voice in your head telling you that you’re struggling. Sadness, anger and grief are healthy emotions. Don’t turn them into villains. 

It’s v important to feel the whole spectrum of emotions. Turns out everything isn’t sunshine and

rainbows, but that’s OK. Validate your feelings & your friends’ feelings.

In 2022, we are leaving toxic positivity behind and acknowledging all of our feelings to the fullest.Validate yourself and your friends by telling them it’s okay to not be happy all the time. <3


Team Gush <3

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