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Article: The Coachella Carriage has Arrived

The Coachella Carriage has Arrived

The Coachella Carriage has Arrived

Coachella 2022 kicked off and as per use, the looks are fabulous!

Beyond the star studded performances (still dreaming of that Weeknd headliner), outstanding installations and the Instagram spam from the lucky attendees that have us hooked - the festival also continues to live up to its reputation of bringing us alll the hair, nail and makeup looks for the year! With the reemergence of retro fashion, Y2K makeup and braids - Coachella remains the premium source of inspiration for summertime glam.

For all our besties who can’t attend the dreamy festival but are dying to, we’ve lined up the top looks that you can recreate from home.

Reverse Eyeliner

This year was all about the unconventional, reverse eyeliner trend worn by top celebrities. Use our Eye Like Options to apply your liner along the lower lash line instead of the traditional top cat eye (but this never goes out of style either, right?)

This sleek new look is super easy to do with our creamy product and looks amazing on, giving you a clean, raised foxy eye look!

Bedazzled Eyes

Remember when as kids we would bedazzle just about anything? From phone cases, to notebooks the trend has now taken over our eye lids!

The gems bring the bling to your eyes and take basic looks to a new level! If you’re feeling extra experimental and want that OTT glam, put them into your hair too.

Brown Lipstick

Sorry Faye (looking at you Love Island obsessers) but we’re sorry for not vibing earlier because this look serves!

A nod to the 90s, brown lipstick looks good on pretty much everyone and brings the retro, happy vibes. Doja Cat nailed this trend, and we’re sure you will too!

Sunset Hues

Dreaming of that perfect sunset, golden hour glow? Make the look on your eyes! A warm orange-y red hue on the inner and outer corner of your eyes is a subtle, easy and stunning way to bring the drama to your makeup!

Pair this look with a nude lipstick to make your eyes really pop using our Play Paint in My Own Muse, tell us all about the compliments you got.

Pinky Shadows

Baby, chic and always cute? Pink eyeshadows were a highlight of Coachella and bring back innocent, Y2K feels. Plus, it is super easy to recreate at home using any pink shades from your palette

Or why not experiment and use a cream blush on your lids? Our Stacked In Your Favour Blush is super blendable and looks amazing on your eyes too!

To help you feel inspired and look forward to the many more summer months to come, these looks are perfect to kickstart the holidays and go from minimalist to maximum glam in minutes using products you prob have in your bag orrrr that you can find on our store.


Team Gush <3

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