The Difference Between Natural and Organic Products?

The Difference Between Natural and Organic Products?

If we had a dollar for the amount of times we’ve heard of clean, organic and natural ingredients, we’d be a billionaire right now! Confused about how they’re different? We’re here to help you out girliesss💖

While the term organic is a fairly regulated term the same cannot be said about all natural. Let us break it down for you in easier terms!🧐

Natural Products 🦋

Natural Products are products that are manufactured according to standards that are safe for the environment, animals and your skin.🐇 Many times these products are used as a marketing tactic because it isn’t regulated by any government bodies. Which means loser norms, lessers rules to adhere to! Did you know natural products can actually include chemicals? Sounds crazy but unfortunately the words generally is only referring broadly to things derived from nature.💖

Of course, this does not mean even natural products are bad for you. In comparison to synthetic products, natural products are far better🫶🏽. Firstly, they are better for your skin. Since things you apply on your skin slowly meet the bloodstream it is always better to choose a more natural option when buying skincare and beauty products. Natural means it is also safe for animals and the environment. 🥰

Let us put this into perspective. For example, green tea extract products can definitely be categorized as natural but the behind the scenes can portray something else. It is possible the green tea leaves are met with chemicals or insecticides meaning the ingredient is natural but cannot be categorized as organic. 🍵

Organic Products 🌿

Organic Ingredients generally refer to how they’re sourced. These ingredients have to be organically farmed, free of all toxins such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers, GMO Ingredients.❌ So the main difference that can be seen between natural and organic ingredients is that organic products do not contain ingredients that are in any way modified.🌸 So in most cases, these ingredients do not face much processing to keep the essence of their organic properties. 🌿

Unfortunately, the possibility of finding a 100% organic product is next to none because most of these products are water based and water is not organic🧐. This does not imply that organic products too are bad for your skin. It is an excellent choice to use organic products as it is one of the healthiest options for your skin. 

Whether you like natural or organic products, in most cases it is critical to check the ingredients.🫶🏽 It is important to know about natural ingredients to know what really is healthy for your skin and what is simply a misleading label. 🧐


Team Gush

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