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Article: Here are 5 clean beauty product recommendations!

Here are 5 clean beauty product recommendations!

Here are 5 clean beauty product recommendations!

All this buzz and hype around Clean Beauty really has us thinking how many of you all really know the essence of it!🧐 But don’t worry, we have you covered! From the basics of the concept, down to the tee, let this blog be your holy guide for it!🥰


For starters, what is Clean Beauty? 🤨Clean Beauty are all products free of synthetic chemicals and ingredients that could potentially harm your body or irritate your skin.🫣 These synthetic chemicals once in contact with your skin cause irritation, damage and in the worst cases even rashes! Major Synthetic ingredients include parabens, oxybenzone, synthetic fragrances, the list is never ending!😖

Which is why we’re here to be the hero in disguise! Here at Gush, all our products are paraben free.🫶🏽 This means say bye to all those breakouts and skin irritation issues that makeup tends to cause! We’re also a skincare infused makeup brand with all necessary ingredients that your skin will love you for like Niacinamide, Hyaluronic  Acid, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil. 🥰

Here are some of the other Clean Beauty products that we love!

1)Asa Beauty-Powder Foundation

Asa constantly makes efforts to live simpler, cleaner and healthier! They are a conscious brand and use ingredients that are paraben Free, SLS free, Ammonia Free! Their take on “Clean Awakening” is mind opening and informational

They also have the feature of refillable pots which really adds to their conscious attempt towards being eco friendly and sustainable. 

Our personal favorite from the brand is their Powder foundation which is packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

2)FAE Beauty -Glaws Gloss

Fae Beauty’s anthem towards clean beauty for Indian Skin Tones has us sold! Their take on real, authentic and clean beauty is unfiltered. They believe in fusing makeup with skincare elements such as castor Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Carnauba Wax. Our personal favorites on the list are Cantaloupe Extract, Cucumber Extract. It’s moisturizing benefits leave your skin plump and moisturised!

Our personal Favorite from the collection is the glaws Gloss, it is infused with Passion fruit Oil and Vitamin E which Plums your lips, preventing them from cracking throughout the day.It is a multi-purpose product that can be used for the lips, cheeks and eyes!

3)Disguise Cosmetics-All Day Gel Kajal 

At Disguise they believe in creating a community that doesn’t harm any organisms! It’s cruelty free and Vegan! Our personal favorite is the All Day Gel Kajal. The high pigment pay off prevents the irritation caused to your eyes from the constant rubbing which normally is the case in other low pigment kajals! It’s one swipe formula will help you get your eye lewk within minutes!

4)Kiro Beauty-Glow on Blush Duo

Kiro Beauty’s products are high pay-off and long lasting. Our personal favorite is the Glow on Blush Duo! It’s dual toned, giving you a little bit of both worlds.You can mix and match both colors or use one whichever one is convenient! It’s satin finish leaves your skin looking smooth and your cheeks blushing for the rest of the day! It’s free of parabens and includes skin loving ingredients like calendula oil and rosehip oil. As an added bonus, its dermatologically tested too!

5) Ilana Organics-Beet Tint

Amongst many other products good for your skin, Beet root has always been known to give you that soft glowy blush look that we all know we love! Ilana Organics’ beet tint is infused with natural beet root color, it is water based and glycerine infused! It is naturally derived, derived from clean ingredients and importantly cruelty free!


Team Gush

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