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Article: Tips to Glow like a Pro this Diwali!

Tips to Glow like a Pro this Diwali!

Tips to Glow like a Pro this Diwali!

Every woman has the right to present herself in the best light during this festive time because we have many events, gatherings, and activities to attend throughout the entire week. Here are some pro makeup tips that will give you the perfect festive look if you want an absolutely expert result.

1. Start with cleansing

Before attempting any makeup look on your skin, everyone must understand the importance of cleansing your face. Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands and face before applying any product to the skin. Speaking of which, the best makeup advice you will receive from any professional is to wash your face with hot steam. Deep steam cleansing removes dirt from the skin's outer layers. All of the dead skin cells and blackheads are removed from the pores.


2. Choose your ideal tool

Typically, one does their entire makeup look with either a single tool or their hands. Choosing the appropriate tool is essential for your festive makeup look. This will make it simple for you to achieve the ideal look. There are various tools available, including blending sticks, different brush ranges, and blending sponges. You can achieve the ideal effect on your skin with the help of all the makeup tools.



3. Don’t forget your base primer

When it comes to laying down your makeup on the skin, base primer is essential.   You will find a primer for each type of skin. Right after washing your face, use the primer. It stimulates your skin in a positive way. Circularly massaging your face is a gentle technique. For the best results, make sure your entire face is nicely covered.



4. Add skin illuminators

Skin illuminators function exactly as a conditioner would for your hair. You'll look flawless thanks to your foundation. They do nothing more than give your skin a luminescent appearance. This is the best option for daytime occasions.

We’ve got just the right thing for you. Our Glow Getter - Vegan Illuminating moisturizer! Your vegan moisturiser, illuminator, primer, and sun protection are all combined in this single product. It not only illuminates skin and minimises pores but also enhances complexion without concealing them. It reduces pores, evens out skin tone, and protects your face from the sun—all with just one dab. With just one caring layer, your skin feels instantly hydrated, more radiant, and dewy soft. Niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, superberries, and amethyst extract are some of the skin-loving ingredients packed into this product!



5. Try the Perfect Eye look!

Our eyes are said to give our entire appearance more life! The ideal eye shadow is a necessary element of your complete Diwali look. The metallic effect, glittery eyes, catty eyes with a shimmer, and the bold smudge effect are a few of the most popular Diwali looks. Oh yes! Don't forget to give it a climax with mascara and a bold outline with eyeliner.  Your ideal festive look will be a complete dramatic look thanks to this!

Try out our Best Vegan Eyeliner! This vegan eyeliner is the best you'll ever use because it has a waterproof kohl pencil on one end and a felt tip on the other. The supple, micro-precision tip delivers incredibly fine, matte black ink that is incredibly long-lasting while the creamy kohl applies smoothly. It is waterproof and won't smear from sweat, tears, or life in general! To know more, check it out here


You're prepared, we're sure, to apply flawless makeup that will completely transform your appearance. Prepare for the holiday season without wasting any more time. To know more, follow us on Instagram

Article by Prerona 


Team Gush


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