Jell-O Skin! All you need to know about this Viral K-Beauty trend

Jell-O Skin!  All you need to know about this Viral K-Beauty trend

Glass skin, dolphin skin, sluggy skin, honey like skin blah blah blah… the list goes on. The internet is obsessed with skin euphemisms and metaphors. And here we have it, another K-beauty craze spiraling along TikTok, Jell-O skin! It’s all about getting your skin to bounce back every time you touch it, just like Jell-O! But, unlike most unrealistic beauty trends, this one is actually attainable.

What is Jell-O Skin?

A name coined by the influencer, Ava Lee, is one of TikTok’s latest obsessions. Jell-O skin in hydrated, plumped, firm and bouncy- just like fresh Jell-O. The plumpness and elasticity can be credited to collagen- a protein that gives a plump, bouncy complexion, elastin- that provides elasticity to the skin, duh! and moisture levels.

How to get Jell-O Skin?

As we mentioned the 3 main ingredients to get the perfect bounce are collagen, elastin and water. Unfortunately, your body cannot produce collagen after the age of 30 so you’ll need to save up and hang on to whatever you’ve got. Get a daily dose of vitamin C and apply SPF 30 or above to minimize loss of collagen by the environment. Exfoliate with AHAs and salicylic acid and apply ingredients such as collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid. Topical retinoids are also a great add on to achieving Jell-O skin.

The Bottom Line

Jell-O skin is more of a holistic approach that is achievable and not unrealistic like most skincare fads. But, a lot of it also depends on genetics and age. If you have drier/inflamed skin, it is difficult to reach up to the hydration levels. Similarly, mature skin does not have a lot of natural collagen and elastin to give that plump. Now, shall we skip to the good part!? You don’t need a plethora of products or burn a hole in your pocket to achieve Jell-O skin. This trend focuses more on your skin being healthy, hydrated and feeling good!

Article by Ananya Jain


Team Gush

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