A minimal wedding guest look with Gush

A minimal wedding guest look with Gush

Are you going to a wedding and have no idea how to do your make-up? Fear no more! Here's the key ingredient for looking like your own personal makeup artist: an easy, minimal makeup look!💗

Start off by moisturizing your skin so that the makeup can layer on smoothly. Remember, there is no such thing as perfect skin, there is always going to be texture on the skin and that is totally normal!

After you’ve moisturized your skin, it’s time to prime! Use our glow getter illuminating moisturizer as a primer to give you that glow from within!🌟

Depending on whether the party is during the day, apply a liberal amount of sunscreen to protect yourself. Now we move on to the base makeup. Apply your favorite foundation or concealer in areas as necessary. Make sure to blend well, and if you had prepped your skin, this step will be a breeze!🍃

Brows really do give a certain dimension to the face so filling them in with a nice brow pencil will give your makeup look that extra oompf!

For the eyes 👁, we’re going for a subtle smokey eye or what I like to call it, a smudged kohl look! It’s so easy anyone can do it, even if you have zero makeup skills!

First, start with a brown eyeshadow shade and place it on the top and bottom lashlines and blend well. Then using Gush Beauty’s Eye Like options, use the kajal side. Apply the kajal on the top and the bottom lashlines and blend along with the previously placed eyeshadow. Build up the intensity as per your desire! Curl them lashes and add your favorite mascara and voila our eye look is done!💖

For blush and contour, you may use Stacked in your Favour! Apply the blush on the high points of your cheek or however you wish, go to town with it! Remember to use more blush than necessary to make it last longer! Contour that face for a chiseled look!🤎

For highlighter, use the glow getter again to give you the youthful glow! And there we have it, a perfect minimal makeup look for a wedding! We’re proud of you for trying something new! Let us know how you did, and tag us on Instagram to show us!💋

Stay Gushing!


Team Gush

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