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Article: Mistakes You Are Making If You Have Acne

Mistakes You Are Making If You Have Acne

Mistakes You Are Making If You Have Acne

16 step skin care routine?🧐 A pile of products for AM and PM? All this but still not getting that skin you want huh? Have you ever taken a step back to evaluate what else could be going wrong? 😳 There are so many things that affect the way your skin looks – food, lifestyle, mental health, etc.

So, let me walk you through some common mistakes you may be making that cause your skin to have acne. 

Mistake #1: Not knowing your skin type 🤔

  • It is so so important to know your skin type and what kind of products are right for it. Sometimes we see products that really work for people but it may not be the best for your own skin. This is why it is critical to know if the soap, lotion, scrub, creams, serums are actually effective for your skin type. 

Mistake #2: Mental Health 🧬

  • One of the most important factors is your mental health. It is evident the status of your mental health affects many areas of life. Have you ever been really stressed and you soon come to see breakout(s) on your face? Keeping your mental health healthy alings a lot of things and keeping it happy including your skin! One suggestion is to know what works for you to help your mental health – journaling, walks, talking it out – anything it may be, it is important to be consistent and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Mistake #3: Touching your face too much! 🤭

  • Oh god, I know I get it, it's hard and probably unconscious but it has to stop! Touching your face too much is keeping you from having that dream skin of yours! 

Mistake #4: Not using clean makeup ☺️

  • It is prime time if you have not already, you make a switch to clean beauty products! It is so important that ingredients in your makeup washes and makeup products are clean, and healthy for your skin! Since we leave makeup on for hours at a time, it is better to have ingredients that are helping it rather than harming it. 

Mistake #5: Not being consistent! 😥

  • If you are only using acne related products when the acne appears it is almost impossible to treat it for the long run. Being consistent with your routines and products plays a major role in the health of your skin and acne breakouts. 

Mistake #6: Not taking action! 👎🏼

  • Sometimes acne is actually out of our control. If none of the products, skin care routine or your lifestyle is working, it is really time to visit a dermatologist. It is critical to know the root cause of your acne and get the right treatment. 

There are many little things you may do as part of your daily routine that are actually quite harmful to your skin. Avoiding these common mistakes can change the way your skin looks. Skin health needs just as much attention as your physical and mental health. Try to avoid the mistakes mentioned above and do the research for your skin type! 💖


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