MakeUp and Acne - A cycle

MakeUp and Acne - A cycle

The mystery of whether your makeup is causing your skin to break out is an ongoing mystery which never seems to be clear.🧐 People are usually confused as to if it's a myth or if it's a genuine cause of your skin breaking out. Dermatologists have never said makeup to be the root cause of your skin breaking out. Although the type of makeup you do apply could be a factor of it.


Ingredients Matter 🧬

Makeup industry is a large one. There are so many makeup products coming in and so many new formulations and you never know which one is good or suitable for your skin until you try it out. You never know if it will break you out or not. 

There are certain formulations or ingredients which are most likely to break you out. Such ingredients include isopropyl myristate, sodium lauryl sulphate, myristyl myristate, and lauret which you should shy away from since they are likely to break you out.😥

If your makeup is not clog blocking there is no problem to wear it for a full night or even everyday. 🤭

The cycle and mystery about makeup causing acne is more so about the type of makeup you use and is causing you to break out rather than blaming the entirety of makeup. 

Makeup products that include ingredients which are good for your skin 👌🏼 and will make your skin healthier rather than breaking you out are what you need to have in your day to day routine. Makeup products which are skin care infused. 

Other aspects of your makeup routine besides the formulation and ingredients are the tools you use to apply your makeup.

Once you have found your skin care infused makeup and you know it is not the cause of your acne you need to think about other factors.

Cleaning your tools is crucial

Applying your makeup with clean brushes and sponges is vital. It touches your face and if it is not cleaned often it can stimulate growth of bacteria on brush which will then lead to your skin breaking out. Cleaning your makeup brushes and sponges regularly with soap and warm water keeps the bacteria or any breakouts you could have in check. It cancels out the possibility of this being the cause for your breakouts.  

The stereotype of makeup being the root cause of your breakout is ancient and not true.❌ There are a lot of makeup products and formulations right now in the industry which are healthy for your skin and do not in any way cause your breakouts. Choosing the right makeup product for your skin type which does not irritate your skin is an important element to have a healthier skin. 💕

Acne breakouts are caused not only by what you put on your skin but an important factor is also what you eat. Makeup is not always the obvious culprit of your breakouts. What you eat 

is equally if not more so responsible for your skin. So makeup is not the cause but the right makeup is the solution❤️‍🔥!


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