What Does Hydrocolloid Mean In Acne Patches

What Does Hydrocolloid Mean In Acne Patches

So you're thinking about getting acne patches? 👀 Which ones won't harm your skin or which ones will actually work? So many questions go through my head as well. You may have seen the ingredient “hydrocolloid” in various acne patches but what does that even mean?🧐 Let me walk you through why this is literally a life saving thing to have in your acne patches. 

Hydrocolloids are like a seal that protects your skin.🧬 Not only is it acting as a shield but it absorbs all the nasties like the excess pus and oil resulting in a falter surface after using a hydrocolloid infused acne patch.☺️ Isn’t that all we want! The acne blemish that may be present is likely to disappear as this goes on to reduce skin redness and any inflammation. Phew that’s a lot but that's not all! This ingredient literally acts almost like a second layer to your skin since it prevents scarring and excess irritation.🤩 So, yes it is doing its work from the inside but simultaneously taking care of your skin and the acne area from the outside with a protective layer. 

This really does it all. It takes care of the skin like no other and what else do you want with acne?👌🏼 A product that takes care of skin while protecting and ensuring clear skin with a healthy take is all that is important. We live in areas that tend to be drying which is why through history medicine had to adapt. Hydrocolloid is something that was put to use in the past to create the correct type of environment around a wound so it does not cause drying with a dry patch and environment. This is where it comes in. It creates an excellent seal around the acne patch so it can heal with what it needs.💖


If you are not already running to replace my normal acne patches with hydrocolloid acne patches, what are you doing! Hold up, let me tell you something else. These are protective enough that you can even apply your makeup over it and it will not be an issue. Are you seeing how perfect and actually protective this is?? If you have been struggling with acne or just have an annoying pimple you must get rid of, hydrocolloid patches are the way to go! 🥰

There are so many options in the market at the moment that offer hydrocolloid infused acne patches like Gush, The Derma Co., and so so many more! It is so important to ensure the skin gets treated properly and it is critical to look and utilize things that will keep in mind the safety of your skin!

Clear and clean with hydrocolloid acne patches. I do not want to worry about my breakouts anymore and I think you too so girl, it is time to invest in the right thing rather than trying out so many wrong things! 


Team Gush

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