Acne and Skincare

Acne and Skincare

It can be so hard to deal with acne but even harder to figure out the best way to get rid of it.❌ I get it! I’ve been there! There are so many things that affect the health and quality of your skin which is why it is so important to know what in your routine may be causing acne. 😥


Quite evident but your skincare has a massive impact on the way your skin is and especially how much your breakout. Now, this does not mean you need to have a 16-step skin routine or expensive products to achieve that perfect skin. In fact, it is quite simple – get to know *your skin*!! In other words, build a relationship with your skin and understand its needs. ☺️

I know we all have that fav cleanser and fav product we use for our skin but should it really be your fav? Look into what works your skin!!🧐

Firstly, cleanser! Is it correct for your skin type? If so, do you double cleanse? Both questions are critical because using the correct product and enough of it ensures the cleanliness of your skin ensures hygiene. Your skin needs to be able to breathe and thrive – with dirt, oil and makeup that has built up throughout the day, it is impossible for the skin to stay clear. 🤭

Secondly, your moisturizers and serums! Are they right for your skin? Again, understanding what works for your skin and what does not can go a long way. Not all products that go viral on social media are right for you!🧐

Next, how many products do you use on your face in a day? I am sure you know the phrase – quality over quantity – well that applies here too! Putting on more products and using more products does not result in better results!!! It is about what you are using. Something of a brand that many people are not using may be the product for you, but it is simply important to remember it is clean and healthy for your skin. 💗

Lastly, how consistent are you?🧐 It is great to have products and understand what is working for you, but it makes almost no difference if there is not an effective routine. You need to ensure that the products are consistently being used. This means not only reaching for the product when you see the acne coming through. I know we are all guilty of this! You must follow the AM and PM routines that you set for yourself to ensure the long-term health of your skin! 🤩

Overall, a lot goes into what affects acne and breakouts but dealing with the little things first can put you on the road towards decreased acne. Who doesn’t want that? Skincare is something that directly affects the skin therefore it must be done consciously to promise its effectiveness! 💗


Team Gush


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