Contouring for Makeup Dummies

Contouring for Makeup Dummies

Makeup is art.🎨 We have all heard that but you don’t truly believe that until you really try makeup and new looks. One thing I cannot and almost refuse to ever do is contouring. I mean what is this! It either looks like a brown blob on my skin or looks like I made no difference whatsoever. 😥

Contouring turns out is almost like painting on a canvas🖼. The shape and the placement makes a massive difference on the type of look you are trying to achieve. For example, taking the contour up to the side of your forehead from the ears creates a different look then bringing that same like more down towards the nose. I know I know – confusing as heck!!🧐

Let me tell you how I figured out the easiest way to achieve a gorgeous contour look that is actually quite effective. 

Tip 1: Spot the perfect contour 🤎

  • There are sooo many different kinds of contours in the market which is why it is so important to know what works for you the best! Understand if you like to use your fingers, a sponge, brush. Then know what kind of look you like. From this you can go on to see what kind of contour works for you – cream, powder or liquid. Personally, I love to pair cream and powder for the look I like to achieve. Of course it is about understanding when to use what. If I am doing a night out, I will pair both for a more defined look. For the daytime, I’ll stick to one of them rather than both. 

Tip 2: Know your placements! 😗

  • As I said, contour placements change everything!! Have you noticed how Kendal Jenner, Kate Moss, and Bella Hadid have their own separate looks – they actually have separate ways of contouring and achieve that perfect look! Contour can make your jawline and cheekbones defined but a little placement change can also cause a more rounded look! 

Tip 3: Shades make a difference! 🎨

  • Choose a shade according to your skin tone! Many times it can look like mud and cakey on the skin only because it is not the correct shade.  Try on different shades to see whether a more orange-y or brown-y shade fits you. 

How I do it: 

  • For a perfect everyday contour look – I will go in with either my cream or powder contour. Firstly, with a puckered face, I want to see where I will go in with the contour. The easiest way to do this is to start from the top of your ear and follow the line down a little bit that naturally comes with your pucker. I will go on to blend this out and make it seamless. Three easy steps and I have the perfect cheek contour! I will follow up with lines right on and a little under my jaw bone – this will give that more defined jawline look! 

Contour can be intimidating but all it takes is practicing and trying it out! Follow the steps I use for the perfect introduction into the world of contouring. See! You are no longer a contour noob! Go and get that contour look of your dreaammmss!!💖


Team Gush

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