Imagine we woke up without any eyebags, all flushed cheeks and long fluttery eyelashes. Yeah right.😥

But fortunately, I am here to tell you that you can get that perfectttt no-makeup makeup look in 5minutes! You read that right BFF- no exaggeration! ☺️

Step #1: Prep and Prime! ✨

  • First step is always to clean and prep the face. Get that base clean and ready for the day. Don't forget to moisturize after this as well to prep your skin and keep it hydrated throughout the day. We will keep the skin breathable for this look!

Step #2: Conceal👀

  • This step can potentially take you above the no-makeup makeup look so apply wisely! You want to definitely apply under your eyes but the best application for this look is to apply a little into your inner corner side and a little on the outer corner. Take that same color around the tip of your nose, forehead, and upper lips area. This will perfectly brighten and conceal your face. Of course, if needed, you can apply to the places you may specifically need like breakouts. This way everything that needs some concealing is covered with a natural look! 

Step #3: OPTIONAL: Bronzer🤎

  • Although this is an optional step, it can make all the difference in the world. Remember to keep a lighter hand though as this is a no-makeup makeup look. You can go in with the bronzer of your choice and apply to the cheeks, nose and jawline area. With a light hand, this can give tht perfect pop of color to the places you would usually give definition to. 
Step #4: Add some COLOR!🥰
  • Ok this is my fav step – blush! Use blush to make your cheeks get that naturally flushed look and you can take this into a naturally sunkissed look as well! This is the perfect step to give the look you are looking for. For example, a fuller look, a snatched look, sunkissed look, etc, 

Step #5: OPTIONAL: Mascara💕

  • This step is also optional but mascara!! A little mascara on the eyelashes is so important to some people. If this is you, definitely make it happen! 

Step 6: Lips! 💋

  • Now this allows you to have many options! For a natural look, put on a tint or even just a lip balm. You can also do both! I usually like to go in with the slightest bit of color and take a lip balm over it. 

These steps take literally 5 minutes and make a massive difference yet looks just like no-makeup! YOur guide to a 5-minute no-makeup makeup look is here and this is IT! You need to try this out STAT for all your airport looks,  early or late mornings or simply could be an everyday look.


Team Gush

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