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Article: Acne mistakes you need to stop now!

Acne mistakes you need to stop now!

Acne mistakes you need to stop now!

Are you confused as to why you are breaking out even when you have done every skin care there is. Well there are many mistakes you could still be making without even realising it.

  • Washing your face too often🤭

This is a common misconception that people have which is not true at all. Washing your face too often can strip the essential oils from your skin which leads to your body generating more oils and in the end leading to more acne. People constantly think that your face is dirty and that is why they are breaking out so hence they should wash their face more often .

Washing your face twice daily is all that you need to do.

  • Washing your face wrong😥

There are mistakes you make even while washing your face, such as using an old damp washcloth. Using old washcloth is not good for your skin as bacteria can easily build on them. Therefore always use a clean washcloth or even a cotton pad to dry your face. 

  • Quit too soon❌

Everyone wants clear glass like skin but nobody is willing to work for it. Having a clear skin is all about consistency of your daily habits and skincare. Rome wasn't built in a day and the skin of your dreams also won’t. Acne skin treatments take weeks to show results therefore you need to be consistent and patient.

  • Using too much acne cream🧐

The more the better is not the case for acne creams. In fact the ingredients can sometimes irritate the skin and give an equal and opposite reaction , which does not treat your acne instead give you  more acne. One green pea size is enough for your skin care needs. 

  • Picking and popping pimples 😣

Everyone wants to get rid of their acne as soon as possible, but picking and popping pimples is not the way. You may be thinking you are fastforwarding the process but you are creating blockage and it will scar your face instead of healing.

The only fast healing pimple process is pimple patches as they remove the zit without creating blockage. 

  • Eating too many sweets or starchy foods🍔

Eating one too many cookies, cake, white bread or white pasta may be linked to acne. Although no food is proven to cause more acne, limiting your sugar and starch food intake could be no harm.

  • Putting hair products too close to hairline 💆🏻‍♀️

If you use hair products very close to your hair line you may star seeing acne on your forehead, which is being caused by these products. Use all your hair products away from your hairline to avoid forehead acne as much as possible.

These are some common mistakes people make which if kept in check can reduce your breakouts by a lot. Be consistent and patient if that runs out, use our Dart It’s on your zits for a speedy recovery!💗


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